Mums on the Run to raise funds for Westgate lad Connor Olsen

Mums on the Run

Fifteen mums on the run will be raising cash this Friday for Westgate lad Connor Olsen, who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) in March 2013.

Parents Georgina and Wayne Olsen run the Caring for Connor campaign which raises funds and awareness of DMD, a muscle wasting disease caused by a gene defect and results in a life expectancy of about 20 years.

Connor, 11, sometimes uses a powered wheelchair due to the progression of the disease. He is getting ready to start secondary school next month now lockdown restrictions are being lifted.

Mums on the Run, made up of friends of the family and many of Connor’s pals’ parents, are taking on a 5k challenge to help raise awareness of DMD and funding for research and equipment that will be needed by Connor in the future.

Runner Sally Borda, a Westgate mum-of-two, said: “There are 15 of us in total running. Most of us are total beginners in running and eight of us are also following Slimming World and have lost 14 stone between us!!

“We are mostly from Westgate, where Connor lives, and our children go to school with him. I have been training three times a week, I think most of the others have done the same as we all started with Couch 2 5K. Sometimes life gets in the way. We have had injuries, and sick children and holidays but all kept at it.

“Between us we have 33 children aged from 14 down to 2.”

DMD is a very rare muscle wasting disease that will rapidly effect every muscle in Connor’s body, including his heart. Side effects of the condition include brittle bones, inflammation of the muscles, fibrosis and decreased heart function which leads to heart failure.

Connor is unaware of the full implications of his condition and his family would like it to remain that way.

There is no cure for DMD but Connor’s family hope one will be found before it is too late so they set up Caring for Connor to help raise funds to research secure treatment and a cure.

Mums on the Run will run 5K along Margate, Westbrook and Westgate seafront. They will start from the Bus cafe at the Sun Deck in Margate at 6pm, setting off by 6.30pm and aiming to pass Westgate Bay Cafe 6.45pm, run to the end of the prom and then back to the Westgate Bay cafe by around 7pm.

The runners will then treat themselves to a celebratory drink at the Swan!

Find the fundraising page here

Find the Caring for Connor campaign facebook page here

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