A glittering new future for Margate High Street venue as Silvers gets set to open

Charlotte gets set to open her third business

The former Digi Diner in Margate High Street is being given a glittering makeover as it is transformed into a café, bar and events space with a dance school downstairs.

The venture marks the start of a third business for 22-year-old entrepreneur Charlotte Silver, who already runs Silver Slipper dance school and the Club World soft play centre.

Dancer Charlotte is backed in the latest scheme by fiancé Jack Packman, Margate carnival organiser and Social Enterprise Kent staff member.

The couple received the keys to the site, which was also at one time the Thanet Bedz store, at the end of June and work has since been taking place to put in walls, a bar,  three downstairs dance studios, toilets, changing rooms and more.

Silver Slipper will move from its current base in Westgate, Silver’s Club World will remain in its seafront location.

Charlotte, who now lives in Margate with Jack and chihuahua Jasmine, said: “It was just a big open space so we have had to put in lots of walls. I’ve made an investment through the growth of my businesses as I felt it was time to expand.

“The dance school in Westgate has been there five years but the site is a converted garage and can only give room to a maximum of 30 children. When you have a whole school show and there are 100 kids it means hiring somewhere else for rehearsal space.

“Now we will have three studio and ill be able to take some 50 children at a time.

“Upstairs we have the café and have built the bar which will be open to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings or for private functions. We can have conferences, events, the space can be whatever it is needed to be.”

The pair, who are due to get married in April next year, say the High Street location is the perfect site for the new venture.

Jack, 28, said: “We feel that something needs to happen for the high street. There are things springing up, hotels down the bottom and places in the Old Town. Now it is starting to come up the high street a bit more so we thought it was the perfect place and timing to open the events space.”

A private opening event, with covid-safe measures in place, will be held on August 29 with admission to the public from the Sunday or Monday.


  1. Great to see some different ideas for the high streets other than conventional shops. Last week we had news of the play centre opening in Ramsgate high street and now this. All those parents having time to kill whilst the kids are having fun lessons will hopefully boost footfall in the high streets. Well done Charlotte and Jack, long may your success continue.

  2. Well done on opening the new venture.

    There is not much inspiration for any new business, in this dreary High Street.

  3. While I wish her all the luck in the world, it will be sad to see the final business disappear from Westgate’s once lively Westbury Road.

  4. Sad the Digi Diner went under, imo the downfall was overpriced food and the fact that most of the games on hand were your typical game you’d find in a chavvy household. Not the kind of games you’d want when these places are more nerdy and alternative.

  5. Hi dears. Maureen here who used to be involved in the Ramsgate Carnival. Am messaging you today as I am friendly with the In with Flynn Group and I understand they are invited to come along to you to help with the opening of the premises? Wishing you every good wish for your success with the business and hopefully see you at the gig.

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