Two teens arrested following crash on Dane Valley Green

Police attended Dane Valley Green

Two teenagers have been arrested following an incident at Dane Valley Green last night (August 17).

The police dog unit and officers attended the green following reports of a loud noise at 9.47pm. The police helicopter was also out later in the evening for the same incident.

Following enquiries it was confirmed the noise was due to a collision involving a vehicle and a caravan. There is currently an unauthorised Traveller encampment at the site.

A child suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital by her family as a precaution.

Two boys aged 15 and 16 were arrested on suspicion of failing to stop following an accident and currently remain in custody.


  1. Underage “travellers” driving one of their own cars into one of their own caravans ?

    Luckily they were not towing a quad bike this time . . .

  2. Illegal uninsured underage, driver drives into caravan. On a unauthorised encampment. Where are the people who speak up for these poor people, on this site. who can do little wrong, and are just misunderstood, with a different lifestyle. I wonder if the children involved will get points on a driving licence they don’t have. Or just a warning. I hope who ever gave them the keys to the car gets arrested as well.

    • Yes indeed – where are all the snowflakes and the “why don’t you leave these poor people alone to live their alternative lifestyle” brigade when they are needed ?

      Come on folks – the travellers need you to speak up in defence of underage idiots racing cars round public parks in the dark and crashing into occupied mobile homes and injuring children.

      Come on – speak up – they are allowed to murder police officers after all . . .

      This is only a bit of harmless fun by comparison so why are you not defending them now ? ? ?

  3. If what occured is as described above then ots a complete waste of police time and resources doing anything. Any damage will be dealt with between those involved. Whilst technically motoring offences will have occured as they took place on public land, even if the police do charge, the CPS will most likely not take the case forward, mainly as those involved (if it is as suggested above) will have moved on and won’t turn , so instead prosecution will not go ahead on the official grounds of “ not in the public interest”.

  4. If that was the local Millmead kids on their bikes riding up and down the green having a good timethere would be plenty of complaints and the police would be chasing them. This lot can do what they like and nobody bothers. Someone could have been killed walking on the green or in one of the cars. They did this in Dane Park last month also. Why are they allowed to blight an area and not be moved on. The lockdown is over but they just do as they like anyway. Turn them towards Canterbury where they have a traveller park.

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