Road cordoned off in Margate after man falls from window

A man has been taken to hospital Photo Carl Hudson

Police cordoned off part of a road in Margate today (August 13) after a man fell from a third floor window.

The High Street, at the Six Bells Children’s Centre end, was closed off while emergency services dealt with the incident which happened while police were at the property to make an arrest.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “A man has fallen from a window of a property in High Street, Margate, and been taken to hospital with injuries.

“The incident happened at around 1.30pm while officers were at the address to carry out an arrest.”


  1. I don’t know if related but I heard blood curdling screams from a male last week in that area that went on and on. It was as if he is being tortured. I hope the police got to the bottom of that one.
    I hope this person who fell is not too seriously hurt too.

    • What a terrible thing you heard I am not sure if he has lived through the fall if it was him, poor fella, how can life get that bad for someone. Terrible! Hope your ok.

  2. I was in fact walking past when what I thought was a bedsheet was I fact this young man jumping infornt of me and my children just missing my baby in pram,đŸ˜„đŸ˜„

  3. I was there he jumped to get away from police who was at the address at the time to arrest someone in there for beating someone up badly heard him screaming after he landed defo didn’t die when I was there but did have injuries obviously from that height he would hope he’s OK but stupid thing to do to evade the police

    • So he took his chances and the gamble didn’t pay off, fair to assume he had something to hide, so just another incident in the wild west that the St, Johns area is turning into.
      Perhaps the council should consider selective licensing to try and slow the areas decline.

  4. In another paper, its reported that the police were making an arrest at a property at the time ( though doesn’t say it was the same property)

  5. Young gentleman had injuries hope he’s ok just remember when posting comments make sure you know what happened first and know all details family members and friends may see the comments…

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