Reckless jet bike users ‘terrorise’ swimmers at Botany Bay

Restrictions include reduce areas where powered water bikes can be used

Reckless jet ski users have been caught on video apparently terrorising swimmers on lilos.

Sam Causer was walking through Botany Bay when the noise of the engines speeding around swimmers on lilos caught his attention. The Margate architect filmed the incident saying the “people on the lilos were screaming and the beach fell silent in horror.”

It is unknown whether the swimmers, who may have been on a lilo or sitting on paddle boards, knew the jet  skiers but it did not make the incident any less frightening for onlookers or less dangerous. Sam explained: “When the jet skis came back west after heading east I don’t think they interacted again. But not I’m not 100% sure.  Knowing your victim doesn’t make dangerous violence ok though.”

Jet Ski World, which operates from Palm Bay, was quick to condemn the behaviour and says they were not launched from their business which is situated on Hodges’s Gap Promenade. They said: “Totally unacceptable behaviour – Anyone that has launched from Jet Ski World and is found out to be causing serious danger to other people in the sea, will be removed from the water and will never launch from Jet Ski World, no exceptions.

“I can confirm that these people in the video were NOT launched from Jet Ski World.

“Anyone that sees this happening should report this disgusting behaviour to us or coast guard so that we can stamp out the minority idiots who cause a bad name to jet skis once again.”

It comes as Lisa Richards, who owns GB Pizza, slammed the use of skis in Margate Harbour saying they were racing each other. She said: “People are swimming and jet skis are racing in and out. It’s quite terrifying.”

According to the Riding Personal Water Craft Kent guidelines users are required to comply with international regulations for the prevention of collisions at sea and any local byelaws, which may restrict PWC use. It states: “You must always observe local water safety regulations but, as a general rule, must not exceed a speed of 8knots/10mph when your craft is within 300m of the shoreline, unless otherwise

  • Report incidents: In an emergency contact the Coastguard on 999 or VHF channel 16.
    If you see any PWC rider acting irresponsibly, endangering other water users or
    breaking the law you should report this by contacting Kent Police on
    01622 798565 (Marine Unit) or 01622 690690.

Designated Areas


• Beresford Gap, Birchington
• Launching facilities are not part of the water user group. Launching facilities
for speed boats, jet skis and waterskiing are designated for members
of the Beresford Water Ski Club only. Please contact Leigh Flockhart at
[email protected] or 07808 232011.


• Winter Gardens, Margate
• Launching permitted for PWC (jet ski, jet bikes, wet bikes only).


• Palm Bay/Hodge’s Gap, Cliftonville
• Launching facilities are not part of the water user group. Launching for PWC
(jet ski, jet bikes, wet bikes only) are operated by Jet Ski World (cafe/showers/
toilets). Fees apply, contact Jet Ski World on 01843 231703.

• Eastern Undercliff, Ramsgate
• Launching permitted for PWC (jet ski, jet bikes, wet bikes only


    • The ‘toxic masculinity tag’ as you put it has been earn’t by the utter twats that were trying to intimidate an scare the kids swimming in Margate harbour yesterday.
      And guess what ?
      they were all men !!!
      Nothing masculine about any any of them tho!!!
      Someone will be killed soon if these boys an their toys aren’t stopped..
      Surely they should have a license to ride them and take some kind of safety test just like bike riders in general.
      They’re just as dangerous let’s be honest ….

      • My point is that many things happen in society that can easily be attributed to certain groups but in general the politically correct scream blue murder about stigmatising , yet here we have a perfect example of where that argument is abandoned for no good reason. Whatever happened to the notion that someone did something wrong and they are responsible with no labels required.
        Yes one day some one will die from irresponsible use of a jet ski, just as every year people are killed and injured using phones whilst driving , on average one person a week is killed by someone with serious mental health issues, around 3 people a week are killed by drivers who are banned. But society has chosen to accept these numbers rather than lock people up or have their freedoms otherwise curtailed. So until the number of deaths from jet ski’s is seen to be a real problem nothing will happen.
        Similarly everyone is totally focused on the cladding at grenfell yet seem unfazed that the building did not comply with fire safety from the day it was built. But to look into that would expose social housing for the failure it is and so won’t get the same airtime.

  1. I swim at the bottom of Princess Margaret Ave and was told by the people at the Water Ski hut that I should not swim there as it was not safe! Surely it’s their responsibility to make sure the jet ski’s are launched and head straight out away from swimmers just as they do at Jet Ski World, they are just taking over our water which is there for everyone to enjoy safely.

  2. There were five tearing about off Ramsgate’s Main Beach on Friday. A group of three shot along the main beach, past the harbour, and into the Pegwell Bay SSSI.
    A few minutes later they returned, followed by two more.
    No sooner had they gone than one launched from the East cliff launch site, towing a water-skier, and they proceeded to roar up and down the main beach.
    No sign of any Beach Inspector or any sort of authority at all.
    Something must be done before serious damage is done to the SSSI or a swimmer or kayakers is hurt.

  3. Idiots dangerous there are kids family’s we don’t need jet ski rage in our waters ,and were are the council and there
    Police support etc not 1 in sight the jet skis at end of Ramsgate main sands awful all weekend not a police on push bike on site all weekend ,and this morning Sunday 9 Aug the big council bin overflowing at 11 30 is that the councils
    Job or do the Thanet council tax payers have to do the councils job as well as call the police if the jet skis hurt or kill
    Someone in a accident

  4. Personally I think jet ski will start to drive people away from the beach. The constant noise would drive me mad if I wanted to listen to engine’s all day long I would go to watch motor racing or motor bikes, not sit on a beach with that noise all day it would ruin my day.

    • I could here them racing up and down from Northdown Road in Cliftonville. There were people speeding about the cliftonville coastline coming from Margate area whilst birds and swimmers had to get out their way. This was all weekend too. There was no respect given to those sitting on the sands whilst they launched from Margate harbour area near Turner Centre.
      There has been no sign of any of the enforcement officers, wardens or beach inspectors/supervisors at all. I don’t believe the council is telling the truth that all these officers are out looking for any incidents otherwise we would hear of people being brought to book.

  5. There should be police boats patrolling the seafront in the summer months. And signs up stating £2,000 fines and sea jets confiscated if found to be causing danger to others. A local council by law.

  6. Just ban them in the whole of Thanet. They are a nuisance that spoils the peace and quiet for everyone else.

  7. They must have got bored racing up and down Sandwich by pass on their motorbikes , ruining everybody’s peace. Maybe thought they would have more fun ruining peoples day out at the beach instead. They can’t be short of cash.
    How do we create such people?(A genuine question, not just rhetorical.)
    We need to know so that the next generation can be better at bringing up their children.

  8. The authorities need to take serious action against jet skiiers that exercise the sport in a dangerous manner before a fatality is caused!..I have witnessed them in Margate harbour skiing in the vacinity of young children swimming and giving rides to the public which i doubt they are licensed to do! The skiiers were all foreign and no doubt believe that they can get away with such arrogant and dangerous behavior. Something needs to be done before it’s too late!!!

    • A young child drowned on margate beach a couple of years back , an actual fatality, where are your calls for a clampdown on irresponsible child care. Actual death against possible, calls for action against none. One action considered a tragic accident the other dangerously irresponsible.

      • This is not about irresponsible childcare it’s about irresponsible dickheads on jet skis that are putting others in danger by skiing to close to swimmers of whatever age and being intimidating..If people wish to pursue the sport they need to do it well away from swimmers enjoying the sea..a radius needs to be set and heavy fining for those the do not comply!!!

    • The skiers are not “all foreign”!! Plenty of them are good ol’ Kentish Men (or Men of Kent)
      Where they come from doesn’t matter. What they’re doing does.
      They were at it again today off Ramsgate beach.

      • If you say you are good old Kentish men then act like men not like kids ,have respect for overs

  9. The skiers that i witnessed WERE all foreign, I was stating an observation fact! It is not tarring all skiers with the same brush!..I could not care less where skiers are from but I do know that you’re all a pain in the arse when I witness the sport being executed in a dangerous way by putting others lives at risk!

    • How do you know they were all foreign, and why does it matter?
      Surely the point is that these things are a menace, no matter where the driver comes from.

      • I agree, Andrew, it doesn’t matter what country they come from, it’s the dangerous behaviour that worries us. But this is Brexitland now. Didn’t you know it’s ALL the fault of the foreigners from now on.
        So we introduce barriers and quarantines against visiting foreign countries even though our own country is the worst and most infected in Europe (third worst in the world, the last time I looked!) Got to stop the foreigners infecting us though it’s more likely the other way round.
        Now we are having to create huge lorry parks to hold freight before allowing it across the Channel because of the need for more paperwork, foreign countries being so…well…. foreign and everything.

        Just listen to de Pfeffel Johnson! Everything British has to be “world beating”. It can’t just be good, or reasonably OK. It has to be “world beating!”
        And if something happens in the UK which puts us in a bad light, we won’t have long to wait before a “foreigner” or an “immigrant” is found to blame it on.

        • Oh and how you digress from the actual subject is so comical and so not needed.
          Get off your high horse and realise that the comment regarding the fact that they were foreign was not put out there to upset anyone says it’s a fact so what’s you’re problem exactly.
          If shall we they the ones that were spotted on that day were arrested how would that person reply when asked what ethnicity the jet skiers were ??? Would they not ask that? no point it holding back the facts as then no criminal will ever be apprehended because certain dimwits are afraid to say the word foreign..
          Now get back to subject this thread is actually discussing…

  10. As previously mentioned..nationality, colour, age would be important observations if there was a police enquiry if and god forbid a fatality happened due to the irresponsible and wreckless operation of a PWC!!!..they should all be restricted to certain areas that are well away from others that are enjoying the sea, there are regulations in place but the idiots in question either don’t know about them or just choose to ignore them!..hefty fines should be given out to those that think they are above the law!!!

    • Because i felt like it Marva Rees as it’s an actual fact! If one of them had one leg i would’ve mentioned that too!..Don’t know why you have such a problem with my description! does it affect YOU!!!

  11. You’re xenophobic, Pearl Barley that’s an actual fact too. Otherwise you would not have mentioned nationality.

    • Why do you think it’s not irrelevant, and why do you call me “wool-gatherer”? People tell me that I should not respond to people like Pearl Barley but it’s interesting to find out why people choose the words and phrases they use.

      • A wool gatherer, he, he, what’s that all about?

        Is that meant to be a negative or positive comment?

        Never heard of that before; a wool gatherer. I’m just an old fashioned common sheep Shearer.

  12. No, it’s obvious that Pearl Barley doesn’t know me. Traynor- you are very rude. I am opinionated, just as everybody is, and old, but what do you mean by calling a complete stranger (if Traynor is your real name) a “windbag”? The number os ill-mannered people lurking behind pseudonyms on this site is astonishing.

  13. “If Traynor would push refugees back into the water, then he is a murderous shit.” That is what I wrote. I can’t see what motive anybody would have for pushing people into the sea which they have just crossed in probably a small unsafe craft, other than to cause them harm.

    • Marva..which is your pseudonym is it not or is it your real name!..I think what Traynor was saying is that they’d push them back in to the water for them to go back to where they came from..not to murder them..that is purely your own assumption..this thread is old and very boring now so move on.

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