Police will order people off  Thanet beaches for 48 hours if they cause anti-social behaviour

Police dispersed a number of groups yesterday with some people ordered off the beach

Police will order people off  Thanet beaches for 48 hours if they cause anti-social behaviour.

Groups were dispersed from Margate Main Sands yesterday (August 7) by Kent Police during an extraordinary busy day.

The heatwave attracted thousands of visitors to the isle leading to Thanet council issuing pleas for people to try beaches other than Margate, Viking Bay, Joss Bay and Botany Bay.

Council communications are also reminding people about social distancing with social media messages saying: “Things are not back to normal yet…please remember to take responsibility for social distancing if you are visiting our beaches over the next few days. Avoid crowds to protect yourself and your family.”

A new coastal supervisor is working with bay inspectors and beach concessionaires, street and toilet cleansing teams, as well as Enforcement and CCTV officers.

Security staff are on duty across several beaches and bays to tackle anti-social behaviour and parking wardens are on duty throughout the day and into the evening to tackle illegal parking, especially at known hotspots.

The council is using static and electronic signage to direct visitors to the beaches where sufficient parking is available and extra litter bins are in place along the coastline.

Yesterday four portaloos, including an accesible one, were installed at Botany Bay to address some of the issues of public defecation on the beach.


  1. ……. and just exactly HOW are they going to enforce it .? What will they do if people refuse to go? Another load of rot from an ineffective Police Force.

    • Beach patrol.
      A ban for 48 hours
      Fine them. On spot £100 no reduction.
      If you cant behave like adults then so be it you get punished.

      Gangs mainly. Toxicated.

      Then zero tolerance to any alcohol.

      Enforcing.. We have one or two enforcement officers working at TDC

      • Shame really a zero ban on alcohol, as I like to have a class of wine with my bbq outside my beach hut watching the sun go down. Shame so many locals want to stop us law abiding citizens for enjoying our wonderful beaches.

  2. Put security / police at entry points to the beaches, charge people who are non residents of Thanet to enter, and turn people away when it gets too crowded.

    Also have sniffer dogs as I can guarantee that people will be on the beach boozing and doing bumps of cocaine off the ladies long fingernails. Probably be doing more than that, the Ibiza crowd have nowhere to go remember.

  3. There is an awful lot they can do but banning alcohol from the beach would be a useful first step.

  4. This paints a brilliant picture of thanet, the locals want to charge non locals to use a public space, want sniffer dogs , we have a private security company ‘policing’ the beach , booze wants banning. Think I would give thanet a miss to be honest.

    Yes there is a problem but as i seem to remember they has always been fights at margate from the mods n rockers to the 70’s and 80’s straight of the train into the Bailly High or what ever it was called than into dreamland. Lots of fights back than. I always through margate was well known for the one day beano with a fight to end the day ! Nothing changed.

    • I agree. These people who want to charge non residents to use our beaches are the same people who would be apoplectic if the locals did the same on their summer holiday to Spain or Greece.

      The issue is with the organisation and infrastructure to support the tourists. Nothing to do with the numbers visiting. I drove past Margate seafront yesterday. Big queues outside the food outlets and the arcades busy. Great to see and good news for the local businesses.

      • Yeh hah… Exactly.

        Police deal with it.

        Rubbish left behind

        Some silly group wants to litter beach with litter signs fgs. Those bins are seen before you get on the beach donuts lol

    • I dont WANT to charge them, its not money in my pocket, was just an idea. But if its a bad idea then fair enough, no suggestions from yourself I see other than yes there is a problem and nothings changed since 70’s and 80’s.

      Thanetian, not a beach person myself but if I had to pay a fee that went towards the cleaning up of the beach, security to stop the morons, and anything else caused by day-trippers then I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Paid city tax plenty of times when travelling, I dont think it would put people off other than the morons maybe?

    • Oh yeah – remember those days well as a kid – never bothered me one bit, you meant the Bali Hai Bar don the side of Hall By The Sea Road into Dreamland – personally I never saw a road sign til last year saying it was called that lol. Alcohol isnt teh problem – it the excess to which it is drunk – that’s what spoils it for everyone – and as said earlier a huge disappointment to the residents who have every right to a tipple outside their beach hut – the anti social parking and complete contempt for the residents of Thanet by visitors for the day also a growing problem, erratic driving, speeding, mounting and parking on pavements, in residents driveways, on Marine Parade, in Bus Stops, Loading Bays etc etc………….at this point – a huge Thank You to everyone joining in with teh litter picks after the daily carnage. Youre just as important as the Key Workers.

  5. Dorsnt this behaviour just show how luck we are that under normal circumstances these people wouldnt come to margate and would be taking their behaviour to Spain etc. Spain have to put up with us brits for months we have only had a few weekends and the locals are moaning about them !

  6. Or is it a case that the belt and braces public have come back to margate which has always been what margate was about. Rowdy dat trippers , kiss me quick hats etc but this image and history of margate doesnt sit well with the new middle art people like the Turner Centre ? Margate always was your working class beano or cheap bucket n spade. Seems to me lots of people still seem to want this.

  7. The current vogue of inhaling laughing gass from small canisters and balloons cannot be helping any over the top boisterous behaviour. That said, are we a tourist area or not? We need them for our local economy, treating them as undesirable will not help Thanet at all.

  8. The police haven,t got the man power to police it ! A friend whos a beach inspector called the police for a mass fight that broke out on Margate main sands a few days ago , Police Never turned up but gave him an Incident Number !

  9. What are these enforcement officers doing? Where are they? Cars parked all over the pavements next to the police station on the Fort Hill and usual hot spots but no enforcement officers to be seen. Jets skies being launched at the back of the harbour by trippers and chancers then speeding up and down the coast close to shore and near swimmers by harbour. No enforcement action by the supposed suppervisors and beach inspectors. Where are they TDC? There is not much Summer left to organise this, same as usual nothing done then!

    • I was watching the kids jumping from the end of the pier and saw the jet skiers speeding around the harbour and felt the whole scenario was very dangerous. The jet skiers were speeding all around the harbour no care for anyone. There were young children swimming close to the step and the jet skiers were coming right up to the step to pick up people to give them rides on the back.
      Why are they in the inner harbour why is there no one policing the harbour and shoreline in a small police boat etc.
      It’s an accident waiting to happen and kids jumping from the lighthouse at the end of the pier well I’m lost for words what the hell has happened to law and enforcement? people are just taking the pi## now ….

  10. Why are people surprise by the lack of police the Tories have been reducing the police year in year out. Everyone knows there isnt enough police hence the do as I please attitude, there is no one to stop you unless you do something really bad.

  11. All the whiny boomers on here, talking a load of daily mail bollocks. Stop f*cking voting for the tories, this is all your fault.

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