Dalby Square residents form new community group

Clare Stephens of DSARA

A new residents’ group has been set up focusing on Dalby Square and the surrounding area.

Dalby Square Area Residents Association (DSARA) will concentrate on street cleanliness, fly tipping and ASB while continuing to promote community cohesion in their multicultural neighbourhood.

Co-founded by community-focused resident Clare Stephens she says even though there are problems to tackle the area has improved a long way in recent years.

She said: “We have managed to reduce littering and dog fouling by working with Thanet council. The new committee will look to continue this work and to hopefully help raise funds to maintain the garden area, install CCTV on the Square to ensure the PSPO is enforced. We also would like improved signage and road markings.”

The area will include Arthur Road and part of Ethelbert Crescent as the group maintain the alleyway between the Square which has improved considerably with anti-dog fouling posters and

The aims include regular litter picks and monitoring bin areas with future plans for children’s events.

Clare moved to the area seven years ago with husband Paul and both are regular volunteers. They say regular meetings with Thanet council’s street cleanliness team has vastly improved fly tipping in the area.


  1. Multicultural neighbouhood, don’t worry, wink, wink, we know what you mean.

    Well done to Clare for her huge undertaking, hopefully you will also be an inspiration to people in other problem areas.

  2. Would have been nice to have mentioned the previous community group that ran in Dalby Square for a good number of years and for which this is really just the next phase, the previous stalwart having stepped down after being helm for many years.
    Will there be any suggestions as to how to deal with the parking and safety issues on the 2 way side of the square as a result of the landscaping of the old car park, that TDC have opted to not enforce the single yellow lines is merely an easy way to dodge the problem.

  3. There are quite a few problems including danger from speeding vehicles to children crossing over to the central park area. 20 mph is essential here. There is a lot of broken glass in the park area and a lot of litter in the streets. The plants and trees desperately need watering and weeding. Another issue is problems with live bands setting themselves up and blasting amplified music and songs out until late in the night behind 15 and 17 Arthur Rd without residents permission. Loud drunken singing too. The police have to break them up for anti-social and social distancing. There is whole host of issues that need sorting out and good luck to Clare and her association.

    • There’s a water supply and tap in the square, been there for a while, the stalwart i referred to in my previous post used it regularly. Facilities are there to be used.

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