Huge hike in demand continues for Thanet food bank as those losing jobs after furlough seek help

Thanet Food Link volunteers

The ending of the covid furlough scheme and increasing redundancies have led to another six-fold hike in demand at a Cliftonville food bank.

Thanet Food Link, based at St Paul’s Church in Northdown Road, fed 1,029 people in July compared to 170 people for the same period last year.

Some 451 vouchers were redeemed – compared to 113 last year – and 864 food parcels were distributed – up from last year’s 161 for July.

In addition to this, some 451 fresh produce bags – provided by Ramsgate Town Council – were also distributed.

Thanet Food Link operates from St Paul’s Church in Cliftonville every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10.30am – 12 noon. People need to bring a voucher (now obtainable from St Paul’s Church if you can’t get one elsewhere) to obtain a food parcel and distribution is by minimal personal contact.

The huge hike in demand has been consistent throughout the pandemic and can only be sustained thanks to generous donations from the public and organisations such as Morrisons, Rotary groups and Ramsgate Town Council – although the RTC scheme ended on July 31.

Thanet Food Link chairperson Debbie Ellisdon said: “The demand is still there. A lot of people are struggling. Lots of people are coming to the end of furlough and are losing their jobs. Other companies are not paying the full amount so people are trying to manage on less money.

“We have also seen a lot more of the Eastern European community who would have been field working.

“We are helping a huge mix of people. There are many who would normally be working, so we wouldn’t usually see them, and it is difficult for them. Some of them feel embarrassed but they need the help.

“We have been lucky with so many donations and Ramsgate Town Council was tremendous.”

Thanet Food Link has around 20 volunteers and keeps that number capped so social distancing can be properly practised. Much of the warehousing is also done by family groups in a bit to keep covid secure.

Debbie says she hopes to see demand fall this month, however this will be dependent on continued relaxations – including those that were postponed on August 1 – and excludes a second wave of the virus.

Donations can be made to the warehouse in Westwood Business Park, Strasbourg St, Margate CT9 4JJ behind B&Q. There is a box for donations if the warehouse is closed. Other collection outlets in supermarkets are slowly reopening or you can drop food off at St Paul’s during the  distribution times.

The pandemic has resulted in huge pressures on all the isle’s foodbanks.

Ramsgate Town Council had been forking out £10,000 per month to keep a vital food hub and distribution network running despite receiving no official funding towards its work.

The Gap Project- Broadstairs, Queens Road, Broadstairs

The Gap Project says during lockdown they were delivering 20-25 food parcels a day and there is still an urgent need. Previously they were administering food parcels at a figure of around 30 per week.

They also run a  drop-in centre for the homeless. This is open twice a week and usually sees 15-20 foodbags dispensed.

Tues and Fri – 2pm – 4pm

Margate Independent Foodbank, Union Church, Union Street, Margate

Set up by John Finnegan and Darry De La Soul the service is operated at Union Church in Margate.

The duo previously worked for the provision based at  St Gregorys Catholic Church which saw them delivering 140 food parcels a week

Last month artist Twinkle Troughton raised £838 through an arts sale in her front garden to help support the provision.

Tues,  Thurs 10.15am – 1pm. [email protected]

GRASS Voucher Scheme

The GRASS Voucher Scheme is designed to help individuals and families affected by Covid-19 and living in the Cliftonville West area. Organised by GRASS, the scheme seeks to provide an Aldi supermarket voucher for people struggling in the current economic climate – specifically it is for those who have slipped through the net and are unable to access aid or grant support provided by the Government.

The voucher enables customers to purchase food and household items to the value of £25 per week – meaning essential groceries can be purchased according to specific need. Applicants are means-tested and there is provision for around 20 applicants per week. Contact  077 6191 6654 or visit

Salvation Army – 167 High Street, Ramsgate

Organiser Carl Whitewood says the amount of collections has doubled since last year.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am – noon

Email [email protected]

Call: 07900 49 73 26

Newington Big Local

Six volunteers are delivering food bags for £5.

The Community Food Club delivers food and provisions to households across Newington, Margate, Ramsgate and Westgate.

The club was in the planning stage before the pandemic but the lockdown prompted the group to launch earlier than planned with the aim of providing local people with access to healthy, affordable food.

The club not only addresses food poverty in the area but also reduces food waste through working with national food charity Fareshare.

As well as supporting people in Newington the food club has also been delivering to households in Margate, Ramsgate and Westgate. Members collect food that is close to its sell by date, from Tesco’s and Asda, and through the Fareshare Go programme. The food packages are offered at low price.

For more information on any of these activities contact Cara at [email protected] or visit the Facebook Page @NewingtonBigLocal

Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet

The kitchen had been distributing food parcels and working with other organisations. It is now running a social supermarket.

This is a scheme for affordable food goods.

It runs at Drapers Mills School in Margate between 10am and 3pm on week days. People can go along and register and then  start to shop.


  1. Just think of how much food the £10,000 that Ramsgate Councillors donated to the judicial review of Manston airport
    could have bought. We have so many families plunged into the humiliation of having to rely on a food bank yet Ramsgate Councillors wasted £10,000 of taxpayers money. Disgusting.

    • No money has been wasted. RTC have been forward in helping people with food and made the decision to give food banks much needed help throughout the first 3-4 months of this pandemic. Why keep trying to force your views about Manston and RTC in all your comments. Manston and money donated has no bearing on this story.

  2. John Finnegan
    From Margate Independent Foodbank
    What St Paul’s are seeing is the same as what all food banks have seen over the last 5 months.
    I know we have only been going for six weeks but I remember when I was at St Austin and St Gregory’s we were doing 60-80 per week in February and the week I left it was 230 per week. I left because I did not agree with them going back to not delivering and only providing basic parcels. That is why I started Margate Independent Foodbank. We are doing both.
    I would also like to see Food banks in Thanet working together more for the benefit of the Community We are here to help.

  3. Newington Community Center / Newington Big Local are delivering food bags for £5. Very good value. The 6 volunteers doing this can work 10 hours a day collecting goods, bagging it and delivering. I noticed they were not mentioned in the above food banks but they do exist and work very hard. They have a new comercial size fridge and a double door Freezer to be able to take more fresh food to give out.

  4. Local MP’s ought to be hanging their heads in shame. No person in this country should be dependent upon a charity food bank to feed their family.

  5. All elected politicians should visit local food banks and see what is happening in the 5th richest country in the world, financial inequality causes massive issues in society. We live in a country which every week creates more billionaires while poverty, mental illness, homelessness and unemployment is on the increase. Not unconnected

    • Don’t you think Covid has something to do with it?
      Add to that the fact that there isn’t any industry or big employers in the area.
      Still banging your drum for your hard left agenda which was rejected at the election.
      Billionaire bashing again. Such a successful policy. But carry on making Labour unelectable.

  6. Speaking out for ordinary people is why i got elected to represent Margate, proud to be a democratic socialist , covid has of course made things worse following on from tory austerity

    • You have conveniently forgotten the appalling financial state last Labour Government left our country in? Perhaps the food banks would appreciate all KCC councillors for going their so called allowance, only accept travel expenses and say £50 per month for telephone etc.. that still leaves £15000 to be donate as, when and where each one decides.

  7. Why does charity need to cover our government short fall in looking after our usually loved cisterns ?

    thank you to the charities,great work.

    Ian (donate a can) smith and his fudgy attempts to introduce UC was the reason for increase in food banks for people with an immediate short fall of funds to purchase food for survival.

    that was 10 years go,possibility.

    time has moved on,the emergency food supply has significantly increased surely its time tdc take over the running of free food to keep their vulnerable residents in health maybe prevent them from buying knock off food or consider shop lifting.

    people using the eat out to help scheme shroud contribute to the people less well off but not the scroungers.

    Fraud also needs to be considered,all easily sorted out.

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