Police thwart planned rave at Botany Bay

Botany Bay Photo by Carole Adams

A planned ‘rave’ at Botany Bay was thwarted from taking place on Saturday (August 2) by Thanet police officers.

Acting on intelligence and concerns from residents, officers attended Botany Bay in the early evening where they found evidence to suggest an event was due to take place. They found a male setting up music equipment and he was advised to leave the area.

Officers continued to patrol the area throughout the night, and although there were people on the beach, there was nothing to suggest an unlicensed music event was taking place.

District Commander for Thanet, Chief Inspector Ed Ruffle said: “Thanks to local residents reporting their concerns we were able to act and prevent the event from happening.

“Those intent on holding unlicensed music events are potentially committing criminal offences and risk arrest and their equipment being seized.

“The events are not only disruptive to local communities but could also impact the police’s ability to respond to other emergency incidents putting others at risk.

“Not only that but the risk of passing on Covid-19 is still a real concern and I would ask people not to organise or attend gatherings of this nature.”

Members of the public are encouraged to look out for any suspicious activity that may indicate the presence of an unlicensed music event and report it to Kent Police by calling 101 or visiting www.kent.police.uk/report


  1. There is an unlicensed live amplified music event with fires on the sands every weekend evening at Walpole Bay. The police haven’t stopped those so far. Maybe because it’s not posh Botany Bay.

  2. Standing in a queue at a local supermarket yesterday, I chatted to the woman in front of me. Through her mask, she told me that all the Covid19 cases “up North” must be due to all “the gatherings” up there, particularly as “they have to have their football!”

    I thought that “it’s always somebody else doing it wrong!”
    If it’s not the northerners with their football, it’s the muslims with their religious gatherings, or big families etc. But, —shock, horror–it looks like our very own local non-muslim, non-Northern, people are making it all a lot worse in the pub and on the beach.
    To use a phrase from the government ” we are all in this together” even when it comes to being responsible for spreading the virus.

    • People are morons.

      That’s the main take away from this whole pandemic.
      I know a lot of us already knew that but we have now seen how stupid people really are. From blaming northerners, to blaming the young or “the Asians” – the same people then saying they won’t wear a mask as it’s an invasion of their civil liberties…. we are a selfish self serving nation only behind America in our selfish stupid ways.

      The idiots that tried to stage this rave?!? Well Botany Bay has to go down as the worst choice in history for an illegal rave.

      The government should be ashamed for their handling of this pandemic. The whole thing has been a mess.

    • If you are talking about spreading the virus then what I witnessed yesterday was the answer. The botany beach was so packed and there was no washing facilities. People were using the sea to empty their bladders. There was only 3 portable toilet with no washing basin. The toilet was blocked with disgusting waste around it.
      I thought I caught the virus, and not sure yet!
      I would prefer to be charged to use the facilities, and I hope somebody in charge would read my comment and act upon it.

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