Bomb disposal team called after metal detectorist uncovers 11 wartime munitions at Sandwich Bay

Glenn Evans discovered multiple wartime munitions

An Army bomb disposal team and Kent Police have been called to Sandwich Bay after a metal detectorist uncovered 11 unexploded munitions.

Glenn Evans, from the Sandwich and Thanet Ordnance Group, discovered the haul this afternoon (July 29). It was made up of a mixture of smoke shells, solid shot Armstrong round and a number of high explosive rounds which were still live.

Three of the devices have been destroyed in controlled explosions so far.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was made aware by the Coastguard at shortly after 2pm of a report that a number of suspected wartime munitions had been found on the beach in Sandwich Bay.”

Police are attending to assist Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers.


    • Yes because leaving live high explosive munitions lying just under the sand on the beach is the better option. On what planet was he putting the public in danger or wasting emergency services time. His actions have made it safer for the public.

  1. James it is safer if we allowed people like Pip, to leave them in place. Obviously it wouldn’t matter if a child or anyone else stepped on one.

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