Man jailed for attack on four police officers in Margate

Jailed: Paul Ioannou

A man who assaulted four police officers in Margate has been jailed.

Paul Ioannou attacked officers who were called to a disturbance in Vicarage Place in the early hours of Sunday, May 31.

The 36-year-old threw a knuckleduster at the first officer who arrived at the scene, before attempting to kick her. He then struggled with a second officer, pushing him to the ground and holding him down, leaving the officer struggling for breath.

When two more officers arrived at the scene, Ioannou knocked one to the ground and bit him. He then punched another officer in her stomach and made threats to kill one of the officers.

Ioannou, of Vicarage Place, was arrested and charged. He admitted two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two counts of assaulting an emergency worker and one count of making threats to kill.

He was brought before Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday, July 22 and jailed for one year.

Chief Inspector Ed Ruffle, Thanet District Commander, said: “Ioannou was extremely violent towards our officers and the injuries they suffered could have been a lot worse.

“All officers at Kent Police are required to attend unpredictable, challenging and volatile situations, but this doesn’t mean they should accept being abused or assaulted.

“Attacks on our officers are simply unacceptable and those found responsible can expect to be charged with an offence that can carry a serious penalty.”


    • I kind of agree. 6-8 months in a prison, as it probably will be, is totally inadequate. He will learn a lot from other inmates while there, and come out to reoffend and assault other police officers and members of the public. We need a much better system where we don’t just lock criminals up for a minimum period and then release them, hoping all will be fine!

    • Agree 100% this judge is an embarrassment to the legal system and should be fired for incompetence . A pathetic sentence handed out by a pathetic judge. No wonder criminals are not afraid of the law. Absolutely disgusted by the weak sentencing.

  1. The police should refer this case back to the attorney general due to the ridiculous inadequate sentence.

  2. What a pathetic sentence. Was it even worth all the effort, of taking this clown to court?

    No doubt we will be seeing him in the news again.

  3. What a disgrace ,should have been at least 5years, no wonder there’s so much crime in Thanet .

  4. Absolutely unbelievable sentence for a career criminal. Previously sentenced to two and a half years, the sentence should go up with further convictions until they learn not to continue down this path. This one year sentence is a pathetic joke. The judge should be ashamed.

  5. Judges are extremely experienced,independent of the government and police,and as a general rule give sentences based on the overall circumstances of a case and what the law actually says they can give for the offence(s) committed. Commenting on the competency of ANY judge in ANY case,without the same knowledge,training and experience of the law seems rather unfair…

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