Chef Mel can’t wait to get back into the kitchen at Roost

Getting ready to reopen

Cliftonville restaurant Roost is expected to have the doors open to customers on August 1 with a new ‘lockdown menu’.

Boss and chef Mel Mountfield says she will be taking it slowly but is looking forward to getting back in the kitchen after the enforced pandemic closure.

Mel previously worked with Fergus Henderson at St John in London and with Jamie Oliver at Fifteen in London as well as being the former head chef at Ramsgate’s The Falstaff in Addington Street before being at the helm of Roost in 2016.

The reopening of the Cliff Terrace restaurant will mean reduced capacity to adhere to social distancing guidelines. There will be two staff to help with front of house and portering. Sadly some redundancies have been made.

Mel said: “We have had to take two-thirds of the tables out and can’t use the downstairs on a day to day basis. Normally we could do 45 covers but are down to about 22. We’ve taken about four tables out from upstairs but we are putting two tables for two out the front.

“The lockdown menu will have favourite bestsellers and some new things.

“We are also doing new branded T Shirts and tote bags.

“The whole place is fresh and clean and I am looking forward to being open as I belong n the kitchen.”

The downstairs area will also be available for private family events and get togethers of around 12 people.

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