A ‘beach retreat’ in The Bedford Inn’s transformed garden

The transformed Bedford Inn garden

The team at the Bedford Inn in Ramsgate have created a tranquil oasis in the garden with a relaxing ‘by the beach’ feel.

The site was a mix of uneven concrete, smokers’ sheds and storage but owner Grant Rigby, manager Imogen Ellen-McMahon and ‘mixologist’ Ashton Liburn took advantage of the lockdown to give the area a total revamp with the help of builder Jonny Butcher

Grant bought the West Cliff Road pub last year, receiving the keys in October and opening in December after a thorough transformation of the property.

From this….

It was out with the tat and the dodgy reputation and in with restored features, opened up fireplaces and new flooring as well as Chesterfield settees, tasteful furnishings and a family-friendly atmosphere.

The garden had been on the to do list but ‘lockdown’ was the spur to get the work done.

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Imogen said: “It would have been easy to put in lots of seating and cram people in but we are about building an atmosphere where people can feel safe and bring their families.

“It took eight weeks all in and we did it between us with our really talented builder Jonny. I have a vision and he makes it happen!

“It is a place for people to feel calm, they do not have to have a drink, they can have coffee, read a book, relax.”

The garden features a pergola, green plants and an ‘on-site beach’ area as well as generously spaced seating.

Imogen said: “I’m so proud of it, it is so pretty. When we reopened on July 9 our first week was our most successful, other than Christmas, and I think the garden brought people in.”

From next Saturday The Bedford Inn will be offering a barbecue meze set menu at £14pp, no booking required.

Find The Bedford Inn at 29 West Cliff Road or on facebook here


  1. Gosh
    I liked it quirky
    That’s like too formal
    Reminds me of school days
    I loved the old smokers hut.
    Had some great fond memories
    Sadly I don’t get time to drink
    Covid 19 has dampened my thoughts of being too close
    Masks should be worn.. People spit when they drunk or even talk
    Are beer glasses covid 19?

    Loved The Bedford but that looks too formal and takes the old character of the pub away completely

    Yes, it had a poor reputation of lock ins drugs dealing drugs it was the pub to meet to drug deal.

    • If you don’t drink anymore why do you feel the need to say anything. This doesn’t apply to you. Just moaning all day.

    • It’s a shame they had to cut that beautiful tree down from the second image which would have been a great asset and feature to a green garden. Otherwise, it is a good improvement on what it was. Good luck with the future in these uncertain times.

  2. Looks quite impressive.

    Hope they are successful in attracting better clientele, than the previous owners.

  3. What a great place – my first ever visit on 3 August blew me away. I’d heard that it had been a dump so what a transformation – hot day so the ‘beach’ effect, with real sand, felt natural. I’m sure the log fire and welcoming sofas will make it a great success too, come winter. I’ll certainly be there.
    From a grateful Ramsgate resident.

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