Staff raring to go at The Modern Boulangerie following shop and kitchen refit

A steady queue for The Modern Boulangerie

The Modern Boulangerie in Ramsgate reopened its doors today (July 17) following a two week refit.

The overhaul has resulted in a newly decorated shop and more spacious kitchen area – plus a new pastry chef has joined the team.

Wholesale and bespoke boulangerie shop owner George Bellamy-Adams and his staff worked throughout the pandemic lockdown with huge demand for bread and pastries.

Following a rest the team is now raring to go again – which is just as well as a continual flow of customers appeared from the 10am opening.

George, who started the business  in 2017 after quitting as head baker at venues in London, said: “We have made the shop slightly smaller and this gives us better space in the kitchen.”

Mum Karen, who helps on the business side of the boulangerie, said: “The shop feels more permanent rather than a pop up and the space has made a huge difference in the kitchen. We have been joined by pastry chef Sarah Hussein who has worked in kitchens all over London, including The Ivy.

“We worked through the lockdown and the community was wonderful. People came in and chatted and made it a place to come to, it was great.

“We closed for just over two weeks for the refit and it gave us all a chance to have a rest. Now we are raring to go for the Summer.”

The boulangerie, which has four staff plus George and Karen, has continually risen in popularity since its first days working out of the back of the Grumpy Goblin.

The chance for George to have his own premises was sealed with the property at 2a Westcliff Road last November.

George specialises in Viennoiserie – which translates as ‘things of Vienna’  and includes croissants, Pain au Chocolat and Pain aux Raisin and also in Beignets, which are French pastries. He also makes a variety of buns and fresh bread.

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