London couple – and their picnic – rescued by Margate RNLI after being cut off by the tide at Botany Bay

Margate RNLI inshore lifeboat 'Alfred Alexander Staden' (RNLI Margate)

Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat has rescued two people who were cut off by the rising tide and stranded on a cliff ledge at Botany Bay.

UK Coastguard received a 999 call around 9.30am today (Friday 17 July) stating a couple had been cut off and were on rocks in a small cove at Botany Bay around two miles east of Margate. The town’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was tasked to assist along with Margate coastguard rescue team.

When the lifeboat arrived on scene, they found the couple were in a precarious position on a cliff ledge above the rocks which were being quickly covered by the incoming tide.

An RNLI lifeguard from Botany Bay was also approaching the scene on their rescue board.

The couple, who were visiting the area from London for a picnic by the sea, were plucked from the ledge into the safety of the lifeboat and landed into the care of Botany Bay lifeguards and the coastguard rescue team. Safety advice was provided and the couple’s picnic was reported to have survived the ordeal undamaged.

The couple had attempted to escape the cut off bay by climbing along the cliff face only to find themselves stranded above the rocks awash by the incoming tide.

Ian Lowe, Deputy Launching Authority, Margate RNLI said: “Before visiting the coast, visitors are advised to check the tide times, look up local information on the beach they intend to visit by going to and swim only at lifeguarded beaches and ask the lifeguards for advice on local hazards.”


  1. There could do with some signs put up at that end of the beach to warn people about incoming tides cutting the stretch of coastline off from the main beach. There are always people unawares getting cut off there.

  2. Park for free. Leave your trash and a bill for local taxpayers to rescue you. Another day in Botany Bay with zero benefit to the local economy

      • Leaving rubbish mess excrement is one thing no excuse for that on the spot fines any other ideas welcome to stop that selfish behaviour being but off by the tide an accident no one would deliberately do that and not for charging….unless you charge people getting lost on mountains etc

  3. The people who should be charged are the skippers if yachts that run out of fuel and have to towed in.
    The RNLI’s job is to save lives at sea, not be a breakdown service.
    If your car packs up on the M20, you phone the AA/RAC/Green Flag, not 999.

  4. Just stop visitors until the pandemic is over so many low life dumping rubbish and bringing there germs down. Dont even check on high tides. F**I off back too where you came from

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