Patient consultation open over closure of Garlinge Surgery

Garlinge Surgery

GPs at The Limes Medical Centre in Margate are consulting patients over the closure of the Garlinge Surgery.

They say the premises are ‘unsuited for continued use’ and placing ‘unsustainable pressure’ on the GP partners.

The centre is applying to close the branch. This will be the third time in four years that a closure has been requested.

The surgery, in Canterbury Road, had previously been proposed for closure in 2016 after the retirement of Dr Sohanpol but The Limes then took over the running of the site.

The branch was then expected to be shut in May 2018 but this was postponed when the CCG said further appraisal work was needed before any closure.

Now the medical centre has notified patients of their intention to apply for the closure again.

The letter, from the practice GPs,  says: “After a lot of discussion and consideration, we are applying to close our Garlinge branch surgery.

“We are aware that this will not be a popular decision with some patients; however the long term suitability of continuing to operate the premises compromises the provision of care to all our patients.

“We understand that the applying to close the Garlinge branch site may make access to the practice more difficult for a number of patients however; we believe that this change will strengthen the practice as a whole.

“The challenges with keeping branch surgeries open are numerous and substantial. Some of the challenges we face that have led to this decision are: The premises is not suitable for health care in the 21st Century and Unsustainable pressure is placed on the GP Partners.”

No patients will have to leave the practice or re-register and housebound/frail patients can still request home visits. Prescription services will still be available at people’s usual pharmacy.

A patient consultation is now being held via the medical centre website  with a survey at

The consultation will end on August 14. The deadline for any feedback is August 7.


  1. Can’t believe this we were told the building next door was going to be the surgery rember going there to singe for this what a betrale to the patients. So you don’t now while we have the virus very clever . Limes surgery has to many patients already I phone in the morning and they tell me in a quie for 28 what’s the point everything is going appointment in the first 5 people ring you let us hang on if it has to close please spread us some in West gate and some in limes and may be even birchinton give us a choice haveingto pay car parking is a lot for some of us too hope some one reads this and listen please give us a choice I live in Garling and west gate is near me don’t even mind birchinton too Mary

  2. What about all the new housing proposed for Shottendane Road area. Are we to continue to squeeze them into the inadequate services we already have in the area in terms of meeting demand.

  3. This is all crazy. THe health for residents in Garlinge is now going to be in jeopardy that’s for sure. The CCG and other health authorities have to step in and sort this mess out as a matter of urgency.

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