A number of Harbour Parade parking bays are due to be closed off to motorists

A visitor destination but parking is pricey

A number of parking bays in Harbour Parade, Ramsgate, will not be available for use from July 18.

The measures are part of a range for Thanet District Council’s (TDC) covid recovery plan. Proposals include closing Pier Yard car park during the day and a temporary removal of parking bays across the district to allow for increasing footpaths around businesses premises in locations including Marine Drive in Margate, Harbour Parade  in Ramsgate, Westgate, Birchington and Northdown Road in Cliftonville.

The plan is being introduced in phases alongside public health signs which have already been put in place. Further signage and barriers are expected to be implemented.

The temporary measures are to help enable social distancing and pedestrian flow through high street areas as more businesses are reopening.

The Harbour Parade parking bay suspensions are due to be enforced from Saturday, July 18 for a three-month trial period. There will still be a number of bays available to park in.

‘Covid secure’ plans to shut roads, remove parking bays and use security staff on beaches as Thanet businesses reopen



  1. Stupid idiots. You make parking really a high price than reduce the parking. This is what people do when you want to close down a town and seaside resort. You really need to go somewhere to find what you lose. COMMON SENSE

    • Let’s make life even more difficult for businesses, shall we. If I can’t park outside where I want to go, I will go somewhere else – as will many others. I just cannot see the point of this. Facilities are difficult enough to access, as it is. This will just make it worse.

  2. Has TDC taken leave of its senses? It is almost impossible to see how on earth this relates to COVID protection – and it penalises our local businesses when their survival is on the line. Sincerely trust that this is resisted in the strongest possible terms.

  3. Another prime example of why this Labour council is so out of touch with the people of Thanet.

    Well done to Thanet Independents group for causing this. Do you still feel good for the coup you pulled off?

  4. Brilliant idea, businesses need customers. So take away their customers parking. People who can not park just go, and spend elsewhere. Council short of money, so they take away their own means of collecting parking revenue. For the busiest months of the year. You really could not make it up. If the council wants to close carparks, then close Dreamland and Marina carparks out of season to stop the Travellers stopping.

  5. Good idea. Sensible measure. It’s a nightmare down there. A bit of space is needed. Pedestrianize it as much as possible, I say.

  6. People throwing a strop because they are going to close SOME of the parking bays. There will still be bays available, as well as the exisiting car parks and perhaps, horror of horrors, some people may choose to WALK instead.

    So many able bodied people behave as if walking for more than 10 minutes to get somewhere is some sort of personal attack.

    I find it amusing that so many people who complain every time there are plans to reduce traffic in towns are often the ones who are dead set against building new housing (Manston comes to mind) citing the influx of cars as a strain on infrastructure.

  7. Work finally commences on the Pleasurama site, so the geniuses at TDC close the road to it for three months. Just about sums up these idiots’complete lack of thought and planning in just about everything they do. The smell of RTC complicity is also in the air, which makes this stupidity all the less of a surprise. Random idiocy.

  8. Suck it up, petrol-head snowflakes.
    A few parking bays are going to be suspended for a trial period. The road isn’t being closed. There’s plenty of parking available elsewhere in town, so use that.
    For the benefit of the many, a few will have to walk a few yards further.
    I think Harbour Parade and Pier Yard will be wonderful places without the stink of exhaust fumes.
    Get over it.

  9. Plenty of alternative car parking available in the royal harbour multi storey. Ok its pretty grim,does not inspire confidence and could do with a clean up.
    since the homeless & rough sleepers have been put up in hotels,the car park is not being used so much as a shelter-toilet.

  10. I for one wish you would do this on Broafstairs. Lower high Street and Albion Street are not pedestrian friendly and businesses could use extra outside space. Forget about the whingeing Ramsgaters give us a break.

  11. There is always a lot of people who like to get rid of all cars and transport.
    What Ramsgate really needs is a council and locals who clear rubbish and pick up there dog shit.
    Lived in Ramsgate for a few months and worst place I seen for rubbish and dog shit. No respect for the area at all.
    Shame it could look and be a lovely area with what it had.

  12. This is great news for Ramsgate business, easier to go elsewhere now to eat and drink, such as Westwood, plenty of spaces, and all free.

    TDC introduced parking charges on Westcliffe, around the bandstand area. Look at the effects, hardly any vehicles parked there now.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just put up signs for anyone either visiting a business, or for tourists

    • There’s plenty of parking in Ramsgate. Just not by the Royal Harbour.
      And given the choice of venue for my cafe or bar experience, I must say I’dcmuch rather sit and watch the harbour rather than a shoppers’ carpark.

  13. So why not shut it off completely so bars can put tables and chairs in the road and help with social distancing. Have two lane for pedestrians, but this is Ramsgate and the morons don’t know how to distance themselves.

  14. Going by what I have just seen still the same amount of parking. Cars are just double parking by the cafes and bars.

  15. The majority of you really are a special bunch aren’t you! There is a massive multistorey car park 2 minutes walk from there that is cheaper than parking right out the front, don’t be so lazy. Close the road, more tables means more customers and a greater turnover.

    • Would there be enough parking spaces at Multi storey, Leopold St, as its only ground level open in the evening, for parking, all other levels are securely locked from, 1900 hrs till 0700hrs next day. Anytime Ive been in Ramsgate, on visits, the Ground level is pretty full, with Travelodge and other hotel guests parking there.

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