Emergency services called to three-vehicle crash in Margate

No serious injuries have been reported Photo Carl Hudson

Emergency services have attended a three vehicle crash in Margate today (July 9) with one person taken to hospital for further treatment.

Kent Police was called to a report of the collision in Yoakley Square shortly before 10am.

Officers are currently at the scene.

A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesman said: “We were called shortly before 10am to reports of a collision in Yoakley Square. There were two patients at the scene – a male and a female. One patient has been taken to William Harvey Hospital for further treatment.”


  1. An accident investigator told me once the biggest cause of accidents was not putting your foot on the break quick enough. He said it takes so many micro seconds to realise you should stop.

  2. Just round the corner from QEQM, but taken to William Harvey. Once again, this shows the disorganisation of the system, created by managers, with no real sense of what they are doing.

    • I was about to say the same thing, Phil. That accident happened just 75 yards from the QEQM hospital grounds and yet an Ambulance and 2 crew are tied up for at least 2 and half hours for a round trip of 70 miles taking the patient to Ashford. Disgusting waste of resources and not for the first time in recent weeks -Addiscombe Road comes to mind the other week.

      • Oh yes, I remember.
        What a ridiculous system they now have in place, which will undoubtedly, cost lives at some point.

        • WWH is the trauma centre for the area, it’s been like that for ages. Unless you know the system please don’t berate the ambulance service. Patients lives are always number 1, a crew or 2 crews going to Ashford does not affect the cover for Thanet.

          • Don’t think anyone is slagging off ambulance drivers, more the managers who create these centralised systems which cost lives just to save a few bob.

            Oh well, it’s what people voted for.

          • Here we go again, yet another clown who doesn’t bother to read properly, just wants to jump in and create an argument.

            Have you got lost from your village?

            Please enlighten me, as to where I have mentioned anything, about the ambulance service?

            I stated what a ridiculous system is in place, having to go all the way to Ashford. This was not the case in the past.

            Good luck finding your way back to the village.

          • Nobody is having a go at the ambulance crews who have to follow the set rules, just pointing out the stupidity of people in management who come up with this insanity-where somebody is literally a few minutes walk from the A&E & end up having to be taken 40 odd miles away to receive treatment.

    • The system is prioritising, it’s some of the drivers that care less, drink drug driving etc. We as the public don’t know the circumstances of the incident as yet, GDPR mainly. But I’m sure the NHS are able to prioritise who goes where and when, rather than being sued? By the way, have you heard of Covid19?

      • Are you some kind of an idiot, or released from a secure unit?

        Who mentioned anything about being sued?
        Covid 19, what’s that all about?

    • Sorry Mathew, my previous response about being lost from the village, was intended for Bob, not yourself.

      It does make you wonder about speed, how can a car crash, and overturn in such a small road?

      • No worries, I thought that might be the case… And yes, there’s no way that happened with people driving within the speed limit. Been loads more wannabe Lewis Hamiltons since lockdown.

      • People driving like idiots-it was pretty sedate during Lockdown. Now people are pretending life is back to normal with no issues they are driving like lunatics again-had to walk back from Westwood the other afternoon & the level of traffic & people driving like buffoons was astounding.

  3. Driving to fast turning a corner and hitting a curb not the first time a boy racer or a person driving without due care and attention has done it in this section of road, they use it as a rat run to miss Victoria traffic lights.

    • It wasn’t a boy racer, it was a middle aged couple. We must have drove past a little while after it happened and couldn’t understand how a car could overturn in such a small street.

  4. Trisha I did say a boy racer or a person driving without due care and attention, as I lived around the corner from there and this is the third time a car has turned over in the square that I no of. It was meant as an insight into what has occurred at that square. I hope that the anyone involved is ok.

  5. I can not also beleave before turning into that street how many years come out of the qué of cars clearly waiting for lights to change ,and drive down the wrong side of the road to be able to then turn into that road.what on earth is that camera for…I beleave it was put there to stop this stupid act happening

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