Police investigate report of offensive stickers and graffiti in Cliftonville

Areas targeted by the stickers and graffiti

Police are investigating a report of offensive stickers and graffiti in Cliftonville.

The vandalism, which has a racist message, has appeared on buildings, lampposts and other street furniture in areas including Northdown Road, Northdown Avenue and Approach Road.

Disgusted residents have been removing the stickers. It is not known whether an individual or a group is to blame.

A spokesperson for Kent Anti Racism Network said: “We are appalled at the abhorrent racist graffiti recently seen in Margate. Thanet has had two recent Black Lives Matter protests attended by thousands of people which attests to the diversity of the isle.

“Unfortunately, we have an MP Craig Mackinlay who seems to thinks that racism does not exist in Thanet. It’s obvious he is wrong.

“The recent Stop and Search arrests of people of colour by the Metropolitan Police shows us that we have an uphill struggle to fight racism in all of our institutions. However, the recent Black Lives Matter protests in the US/UK and elsewhere, resulting in many changes such as taking down statues and flags and workplaces and businesses putting in measures to strengthen equalities at work shows that anti racist protests work.

“We believe It is important to stand alongside each other and work collectively to create the change which is so obviously needed. We need to remain focused on the challenges ahead and make new connections with sisters and brothers within the community.

“Let’s make sure the toxic brand of racist dog whistle politics spread by some is forever consigned to the dustbin of history. We salute those who are raising awareness of racism.”

Kent Police confirmed an enquiry is ongoing, saying: “Kent Police received a report at approximately 10pm on Tuesday, July 7 regarding offensive graffiti and stickers seen on street furniture and buildings in the Northdown Road area.

“Enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances of the incident.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/116043/20.