Live animal export protests due to take place in Ramsgate

Live export protest

Protesters against live animal exports will gather in Ramsgate tomorrow (July 7).

Campaigners will be at the Royal Harbour Approach roundabout from 5pm. Three lorries carrying sheep are expected to arrive at 6pm ready to board export ship, the Joline.

The shipments are expected to take place regularly due to the Eid Festival at the end of July.

A Kent Against Animal Live Exports (KAALE) spokesperson said: “The animals are taken on long journeys, often in intolerable heat, to face slaughter or further fattening on a veal farm which is totally unnecessary and cruel.

“The protests are essential in order to obtain video evidence of the condition of the animals and  to raise awareness of their plight as we move closer to the ban on the trade which has been promised by Government for the end of this year.”

Protesters have been asked to wear masks and observe social distancing where possible.


  1. It seems the protesters can’t seem to realize as long as we are on the EU this will continue.of course if you are remainers you would have nothing to protest.i agree with what you are saying it is cruel transported this way. Take it up.with the EU first port of call.

    • Religious festival EID Mr onderwater buys at auction rejects that we pay for… Why do the EID folk need our sheep sod your festival

      Brian goes to see where they go and have their neck slain because he thinks sheep travel over 12 hours or more on a rust bucket for love… He is a Dutch criminal period… Money goes to tdc and defra the worst department to allow a criminal through a port

    • Being in or out of the EU will not stop live transport of animals within the UK.
      I don’t understand why people protest in Ramsgate, when the damage (if any) has already been done.
      Why not protest where the creatures are loaded onto the trucks?

    • Most of the complaints made about these journeys direct to the UK regulatory agencies under DEFRA , are evidenced based with respect to infringements of Animal Welfare and flouting of the Driver regulations on Hours of duty and rest periods . The UK Government chooses to disregard evidence based complaints from members of the Public as submitted in writing .In addition the responsible Ministers choose not to reply to any such complaints. Last year I completed some 90 e mails to the various UK authorities enclosing specific breaches of regulations without any positive response . They use the same phrases as listed in these columns . It is the EU ? NO it is the responsibility of the UK throughout these journeys to be responsible for both Animal welfare and the application of Driver regulations . The Uk receives by return all documents from the Operators after arrival at destination .This trade in live animals for abuse and slaughter is for profit, and Religious sacrifice supported bu UK government by such as political lobbies fromsuch as the NFU and the British Sheep association . You cannot defend this trade unless you have followed it through to the end , miles of animal abuse followed by religious slaughter and not even in a licenced abattoir , but during the EID festival (JULY) butchered in somebodies back yard . What is the purpose in trying to defend this trade in Animal abuse in the days of refrigerated lorries . another shipment will take place on thursday 9 July nethercourt Roundabout Ramsgate at 1930 I am not a vegetarian and does the meat taste better for such long journeys ? No it just gives the transporter Profit and feeds religious nonsense. it is sad though how politicians and the UK civil servants involved try to preserve such abuse . I suppose they all get some sort of pleasure from their work .Next time they should make the journey themselves one transporter today loaded in the UK in the morning and was due to arrive in Calais at 0230 on 08 July destination Poland . Uk government will tell you it is all legal and necessary . B*****Ks The trade is not necessary to any thinking person .

  2. Excuse me love you been to a protest
    Same criminal who had lame sheep in 2012 love had to be shot at port
    Same criminal love who claimed he was with flowers but had calves
    Dover banned it
    Why can’t we here in Ramsgate it costs £18k a time to police

    The lorries are packed with overcrowded in fact emaciating on each other no bedding no water and we paid farmers for these animals but these are rejects bought agsin at action.

    TDC decision at time 2012 was to ban it.. Clive Hart made that decision with Poole and fenner and officers it cost over 6m in compensation to them for TDC grave error no one was sacked over it nor were the criminals told to stop going through Ramsgate port the only port… Tdc must be getting back handers for sure… Social distancing at port.. Officers no… Animals off the hook not on and yes a ban needs to come forewith

  3. Rebecca hooper do you spend your life on commenting on all subjects.If you checked the facts with TDC they were fined by the EU for breaking the the EU law on animal transportation.Before the EU we hardly ever exported live animals.we fed our own nation.There was strict conditions set by government on animal welfare.

  4. More living beings dying in the name of religious fantasy.

    Leave the EU. Ban this vile trade. Unfortunately we can’t do it before.

  5. We “left” the EU. I remember all the fuss!
    I wonder if it will still be convenient to blame the EU for anything bad happening in the future, like these live animal exports. It was blamed on the EU when we were members as if someone sat in Brussels, had a whim and suddenly instructed poor, helpless Britain to pack live animals onto lorries and boats and to head for the mainland. As if nobody in Britain bred the animals, sold them ,drove the lorries or organised the boats!
    Surprise! Surprise! We left the EU but the trade continues because many BRITISH people want it to! It is their livelihood.
    Now we are in a transitional period where the usual arrangements with the EU continue. After this expires, the government has announced there will be a further 6 month “period of grace” where no new customs arrangements will be applied because of the damage it will cause to trade. After that, a number of supermarkets have made clear that they will continue to follow EU rules and guidelines on trade regardless of any changes invented by the UK government because they wish to continue to buy and sell with the EU. Other large British companies are in the process of signing their own private agreements with their EU trading partners to continue trading as before. It will be almost as if Britain never left except in the heads of the devoted Brexit supporters.
    The trade in live animal exports will continue regardless of membership of the EU. If anything, staying in the EU would have given the perfectly-justified objectors to the cruel practice a chance to influence the whole European trade in live animals. Now we are reduced to trying to influence just the UK government which is in the process of negotiating a deal with the USA which has such poor animal welfare practices that their beef is full of antibiotics and their chicken is washed in chlorine because infectious diseases run rampant in their farms. And the UK is not a “member ” of the USA so we have no influence over them, unlike our former membership of the EU.
    I support the protests against this cruel practice but leaving the EU, if only in name, has made their job a whole lot harder.

    • Keefogs, I think you will find that it is only after we have fully left the EU by Jan 1st next year that this government will be able to reinstate the ban on live exports that used to be in place, but which was overturned in a court in deference to the superiority of EU law.

  6. This vile trade is due to religious superstition, I would prefer to see protesters outside the homes of the people making money from it!

  7. At least there should one less loud protestor, banging the lorries and risking being run over and abusing the poor Police officers as he has a 7pm to 7am curfew. But if is found breaking his curfew and has his photo taken at the protest. I suppose he will just plead not guilty and wastes more tax payers money.

  8. It’s absolutely fine to be a remainer. As Keefogs says, by leaving the Eu Britain loses its equal say in Europe-wide lawmaking.

  9. Marva we are capable of making our own laws nobody wanted a superstate ruled by Germany. You have only have to look around you and see the anarchy going on in the UK. We never exported live animals.its a good thing they don’t have the treason laws these kind of comments today are not welcome.

  10. When will people stop eating meat and stop the touture of animals ,is it 2020 or 1960 …wake up and support
    The next genaeration

  11. Here we go again the veggie brigade coming to the discussion human beings have been eating meat since Tim memorial if we stopped eating meat the planet would have more animals than people they would still have to be slaughtered I have been eating meat all my life I am in my mid 70s and strong and healthy there are people eating it in there nineties.whats not good for people is alcohol and drugs and smoking. Stop.prwaching to people we have choices in life.

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