Volunteers clear 74kg of ’embedded’ litter from Joss Bay to Foreness Point

The epic litter pick

A community effort has resulted in 74kg of ‘embedded’ rubbish cleared from  Joss Bay to Foreness Point.

The Friends of Botany Bay and Kingsgate were joined by community volunteers and members of the 100 tons of Plastic group to carry out the blitz on Tuesday (June 30).

The haul collected by the 39 volunteers consisted of thousands of cigarette butts, hundreds of wet wipe tissues and countless pieces of thoughtlessly discarded wrapping and plastics.

Barry Manners, from the Friends group, said the rubbish was in addition to that cleared during previous days and was ‘embedded’ along the coast.

He said: “There was a good number of people and it was nice to work with another local group. We have a good facebook following and lots of local people saw the post just before and came to help us.

“The weather was just warm enough but meant there were not too many people on the beach so that was perfect. We picked up 74kg and that was after volunteers had already cleared up every day of the week.

“Much of it was embedded, things like fag ends and bottle tops, rather than the heavy stuff which we had already done.

“We had to contact the council as there were faeces and people have used the cliff top areas as a toilet’

The Friends volunteers have, over the past month, also had to clear broken glass and numerous laughing gas canisters that have been discarded on the sands.

The litterpick was finished off supper supplied by Palm Bay chippie.

Find the Friends of Botany Bay and Kingsgate on facebook here


  1. You shouldn’t have to do it, they should take their rubbish home, but very well done people, and thank you for your time and effort

  2. Thank you to all the volunteers who have cleared the beaches., and other unmentioneable horrors . I wish we could ban unwanted so called visitors. Where do they come from?

  3. Very well done to all of you who volunteered to do what no one should have to do. Thank you for your time and effort. I would like to join you next time. How do we find out about litter picking days?
    Ugly litter is not just on our beaches: along Nash Lane, on the way to the tip in Margate, I saw rubbish that had been flytipped and needs clearing. Next to the cycle lane on the main road, on the way to Deal from Sandwich, there is a lot of waste, mainly plastic. Some of it has been there a long time.

  4. Homeless people shit all over the place
    Toilets were closed
    Its a health hazard
    Dog poo is actually good for worms and I hope to introduce this
    We have small bins
    Visitors need to pay £50 to use our facilities because leaving it trashed and shitty might make them think twice not saying they are unwelcome but RESPECT OUR BEACHES

  5. Also the council need to use environmental bins that actually break down the rubbish
    Or people invest in better management

    See you soon at ABC meeting waste forum x x x

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