Plans for Ramsgate market to take place on the seafront have been scuppered

Ramsgate market Photo Maxine Morgan

Plans for Ramsgate market to take place at the Pier Yard car park on the seafront appear to have been scuppered at the 11th hour.

The weekly market was due to take place at the temporary base from tomorrow (July 3) but it has now emerged that this has been cancelled because Thanet council and market organiser Hughmark cannot agree on the location while covid restrictions are in place.

The market, which has been closed due to the covid restrictions, was set up two weeks ago in the Staffordshire Street car park after a decision that social distancing in the town would not be possible with traders, businesses and queuing customers.

However, the car park location was then ditched in favour of a temporary move to the Pier Yard car park on Ramsgate seafront. This was meant to be for the duration of the summer, during which a wider review was to be carried out to explore the potential of the market offer in the town.

However, it is now on hold until the two parties can make an agreement.


    • What’s the good 8n that. Way to far from anyone or the town if you refur to government acre

  1. What a shame for the stall owners who would have already
    Got supplies in. What about up on the prom surely there is enough room around the bandstand.

  2. You cant close the Pier Yard car park as its needed for access to Eastern Arm and the Royal Harbour Brasserie also access to the inner and outer harbour for users.

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