Opinion: SMAa and KNMA Manston airport supporter groups – Decision day for the DCO

RSP plans

The decision on a development consent order for the Manston airport site is due, barring no more delays, on July 10.

RiverOak Strategic Partners submitted a DCO application in July 2018 in a bid to gain compulsory buy-out powers over the Manston airport site. This part of the application was later negated by a £16.5 million purchase of the majority of the site. The firm wants to revive aviation at the site with a cargo hub and associated business.

The DCO seeks development consent and compulsory buy-out powers over the land. It is the means of obtaining permission for developments categorised as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP).

Here Save Manston Airport association and Kent Needs Manston Airport supporter groups talk about their view of the application

The Manston Airport DCO decision is now imminent.

Put simply, if granted, the DCO would enable the single largest investment to be made in the history of Thanet. One from which a wide range of Kentish and Thanet people will benefit, as we become the site of an important piece of national infrastructure that will help Britain to rebuild its economy post-coronavirus and take advantage of new trading opportunities as we complete the transition period of our departure from the EU.

Right now, the Government is discussing how important investment in infrastructure is as a way of kick starting the economy. Well, RSP is ready to go with £300 million in private investment – making no drain on the public purse, but creating first construction jobs – and then operational ones.

RSP has always placed a strong emphasis on education and training for local people. They are very keen on the airport where possible being staffed by local people and are already working with local educational bodies to plan ahead for the training and qualifications that the airport will need. This means tangible education and job opportunities for the people of East Kent and Thanet at a time when our local economy most needs it.

RSP has also made commitments which will ensure the airport will be innovative in minimising its environmental impact, using green technology wherever possible. Its existence will also mean a reduction in the need for cross-channel trucking of freight.

Between the acceptance of the DCO, and the beginning of operations, there will be many further improvements to bio-fuels, and other forms of propulsion, reducing noise and pollution levels – all of which RSP can capitalise upon. For example, KLM the last passenger flight operator from Manston, has a deal with the Dutch government to build a plant to manufacture aviation biofuel which contributes only 15% carbon of the carbon compared to normal aviation fuel.

Combine this with Manston as the first UK green airport and switching in future to fly from Manston will help the UK hit its ambitious carbon targets.

Manston has been an airport for 100 years. It is zoned in the Local Plan for aviation use, and has been purchased by RiverOak for use as an airport – they cannot build houses on it and they don’t want to. RSP can see real potential in developing the airport, hence their long term commitment and investment in securing the DCO.

Airports have a strong trickle-down effect on their local communities. As well as the direct benefits to jobs and the supply chain, local taxes and other revenues from Manston-based companies will boost the wider economy, pumping money into social care, libraries and other essential services. Well trained jobs attract higher salaries, boosting standards of living and could help to reverse the drain of high level medical and dental staff from Thanet that we are currently seeing.

This will all help us to play our part to get the country get back on its feet, as well as providing the jobs in East Kent that are so desperately needed at this time.

So,  why is a cargo hub right for Manston? And why now?

COVID has exposed the lack of resilience in UK aviation’s airfreight capability, with its reliance on cargo carried in the bellies of passenger aircraft. This has resulted in shortages of good and food – as passenger aircraft stayed on the ground, cargo could not be transport.

Manston would give UK airfreight system more resilience. Manston will be a true airfreight airport, designed and purpose built from the ground up to turn freight round quickly, rather than prioritising passenger aircraft to the detriment of freight.

For example: the UK manufacturing industry in the UK relies on “JIT” (Just in Time) planning for the supply of its components used in the manufacture of its products. This brings cost savings by reducing stock levels and, in turn, stock-carrying costs.

With the weight/mass of electronic/electrical components being small, these items are ideally suited for air freight shipment:

  • door to door within 48 hours (faster than by sea)
  • shipped to manufacturing lines in 56 hours
  • and to manufacturers customer/end user in as little as 14 days

All bringing lower carrying costs and finance charges.

A re-built Manston Airport will be up and running and in prime position for when aviation returns to pre-Covid-19 levels by 2023/24 and can capitalise on the lack of dedicated cargo facilities at UK airports.

From the outset, Save Manston Airport association has supported the plans for the airport and stands should to shoulder with all those in Thanet that are also keen to see Manston Airport re-open. We are determined to support RSP in ensuring it can deliver the full potential of the airport, for the long-term benefit of the whole East Kent community and look forward to a great outcome on July 10 when the decision is announced.

Authored by

SMAa :
• Dr. Beau Webber (Chairman)
• Liam Coyle (Vice-Chairman & Chief Moderator)
• Gregory Nocentini (Treasurer)
• Margaret Sole (Treasurer)
• Angela Stevens (Secretary)

• David Stevens

• Bryan Girdler
• Gary Dumigan


• Keith Nicholls

And the view against the DCO:

Opinion: Town councillor David Green – Decision day for the Manston DCO is approaching


  1. A plan for an airport in a location that has failed 3 times already, run by the same fraudulent solicitor that was involved in the previous failures, for a cargo-only hub located in the wrong place in a market that even before Covid was oversupplied with spare capacity, at a period when climate change demands less, not more, air transport. What could possibly go wrong?

    • But that is also Anne Gloag and her Brian Souter he bought it off freudman she bought for a quid sold to Cartner n Musgrave they too are dishonest with who their formation agent is

      Still blame councillors and officers for lying to you all

      Still want to operate it with fraud sters don’t give a shit it will never work now and if the government give to him fukk the council they need to resign having a fraudster run airport.. Still rest of Thanet is run by fraudsters like Ramsgate sea front estate agents and ex council officers… Crime grime Thanet
      Ex leader de frauded this town

      Fraud island in a stream of offshore leaks Barbara Kahan is what we have I’ve reported it… It should be a serious fraud case if not why is it not

    • Opening Manston airport is a priority, using it as a lorry parking area is stupidity, the airport is in a perfect location for cargo flights, unload at airport and straight to a new dockside and up the river to London dropping off at dockside locations on the way,reducing lorries on the motorways and delays in traffic jams less polluting and less cargo flights to Gatwick and Heathrow over Kent, Manston airport has a perfect approach path to its runway from the east, it was good for the RAF and it should never be closed, its always been an airport those that don’t want it should move elsewhere because we nearby are not bothered by the noise because even when the RAF had it it was never a problem and aircraft today are much more quieter than the 50s.

      • Aircraft in those days never flew in 2 or 3 an hour, 24 hours a day did they Paul? This will destroy Ramsgate, as cargo (no passengers) will approach over the harbour at less than 300 meters, the town at 250 to 200 meters, and St Lawrence Nethercourt, at 150 to 100 meters high! The noise, and air pollution will be horrific, devaluing property, and making it impossible for schools to work, let alone many businesses. It will be a tragedy if this should ever get approval, which is unlikely as there is plenty of spare cargo capacity in other airports better located, like the midlands! And forget jobs, except for a few forklift truck drivers, all the rest will be highly skilled, so could only be brought in from elsewhere, but where will they live? Oh! I know they could build 4,000 houses on the airport!

      • “We nearby” is not authorisation to speak for me, in spite of how grand you and others similar to you make it sound. Neighbours and friends of mine in Ramsgate, under the flight path do not want this- the noise, pollution, disturbing children’s’ sleep & education, impacting tourism. Who do you claim to speak for?

        It is NOT an airport now, so saying it has always been an airport is untrue and also irrelevant. This is to be a cargo hub, which the UK also does not need as it has plenty of capacity. These are the same boring claims that are recycled and need to be corrected over and over again.

        • Matt’s right. I’m sure there’s been a strong representation from Nethercourt residents objecting to the application for a DCO among the many objections on the Planning Inspectorate’s website..

  2. Where’s the article from all those against? There are thousands of us.

    The DCO is an absurd, incompetent, gross and monstrous threat to Ramsgate.

    Nobody is interested in cargo from Manston.

    • And there are thousands who are for it – and thousands more who could not give a monkey’s either way !

      As with the Brexit debate there will never be agreement.

      Both sides cannot be right and only time will tell whether we build more houses and encourage more people to put greater strains on local schools, doctors, hospitals, dentists, social services, food supply chain, local beaches and green spaces, etc., or we rebuild the airport and create an import export business.

      • John don’t you read? We get the houses anyway. It’s never been airport OR houses, it’s been houses on a brownfield site, or airport and houses on green land. What bit of this don’t you get?

      • No John. There are thousands against it, many more thousands who couldn’t care less and a couple of hundred who want it reopened. This whole thing has been about how much noise those empty vessels could make.

        Why should anyone follow the serial failed businessman and corrupt lawyer, Freudmann? Surely anyone who would needs to have their sanity checked?

        • There are not Thousands against it, that is a lie and you all now it. There is a majority for supporting the plans and the airport, as much as you try and bury that fact. I guess July 10th is the day we are a waiting for..

  3. I am still not convinced of this ‘green airport’ where does it show how it will be a green? Last time I looked cargo planes were usually old stripped out passenger planes? Also the cargo will then be put onto diesel trucks? With slots being freed up at other airports there is more capacity at already established airports. Plus RSP have lied over the height of planes over Ramsgate. There is no need for a 24/7 cargo hub on the end of Kent and also goes against the government’s so called climate emergency.

  4. The airport reopening is utterly ridiculous. Thousands of job cuts across the aviation sector and there is a proposal for another airport? It would be rather like a one legged man entering a butt kicking competition for Manston to try and compete with Stansted which has loads of capacity now that EasyJet have left.

  5. Poor Emmeline and other Anti Manston Airport, hopefully the DCO is granted then you will have a timescale to up and leave Thanet, make sure you let those who will replace you there is a airport in Thanet / East Kent, probably done there own homework like most people do when they relocate here.
    Jobs, inward investment, manufacturing, local wealth, business taxes our local authorities are desperate for (apart from Ramsgate Town Council who must be rolling in cash, )everything this community have been deprived of for decades, now we have an opportunity for all the residents new and old to benefit from.
    Await the usual trolls to nay say blah! Blah! and spew their mis truths.

    • “DCO etc etc” Absolute nonsense! There are no good reasons to say yes to a DCO application for an airport.

    • Love you cannot deny that TF is a fraudster how will it benefit us

      No one wants to touch here don’t blame them
      You clutch at straws love go and tell kids that the man behind this is fraud

    • That is all the polluting airport lovers ever do, insult everyone and stamp their feet.
      Whether an airport is built at Manston will come down to how big the back handers are from the fraudulent spokesman of RSP. Someone go search him up on the internet and read how many other failed airports he was involved in. It’s more than you have fingers!! This is all corrupt in a big scale, much worse than the Ramsgate harbour ferry business that the previous SOSfT Chris Grayling was involved in.

    • Most of the anti Manston people are the ones who have moved here from other places and basically trying to dictate to the local people who have always been here, what they can and cannot have because they think they are more entitled than the locals, the airport has been there over 100 years they should have moved to an area where there is no airport, so its their fault

      • The airport which previously existed had very few flights and was clearly doing very badly. The few flights a day were so loud that when they roared over the harbour the noise was intolerable. It’s hard to believe that local people want to experience that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  6. Glad to see the IOTN showing its unbiased reporting of local issues. NOT !! There are thousands of Ramsgate residents opposed to the reopening of Manston airport where are their views being published ?? As usual a one-sided article written people the majority of which don’t even live in Thanet and won’t suffer the consequences.

  7. Most of it is just a cut and paste from Silly Dixon trying to say all the other aviation experts were wrong and she was the only one that was right using circumstances that just happened to fit in with her theory.

  8. I’m all for the positives the airport will bring. As opposed to houses, houses and more houses and no significant employment. And I lived right under the flightpath at Nethercourt for years so know what that was like. Looking forward to positive news for Thanet.

    • Have you seen all the house building going on in Thanet? Take a drive around. Most being built on farmland. THAT’S the tragedy! All our villages are becoming towns. Stone Hill Park plan would have been great. Ramsgate will be ruined if they allow dirty, noisy freight aircraft. Ever been to Hounslow? Try it and you might change your mind about wanting that going on 24/7.

  9. I think SMAa need to have a reality check have they not seen the dire circumstances aviation is in. Manston was a lame duck before now it’s a dead duck. Who in their right mind is going to invest £350m to build an airport when there are existing regional airports that will no doubt go to the wall.

  10. This article is biased??? The idea of an airport at Manston is ridiculous when the uk has to direct new efforts towards a greener future. Another airport is going backwards. Use the area for a centre parks or a road hub. Much more jobs created in that than an airport?!

  11. Fantastic investment opportunity for Thanet & East Kent. Hurry up and get it done. There has been far too much red tape for an airport which has always been an airport.✈ ✈

    • During the war it was owned by the USA and it received many thousands of bomb attacks
      Covid 19 cargo
      Run by a fraudster give over love
      Hey kids Manston run by fraudsters its okay to do fraud you can fly with it lmfao

      • What tare you taking or drinking!, Never owned by USA. It never received many thousands of bomb attacks. I would advise you to be careful on a public accessed site with your unsubstantiated claims regarding fraud etc . I hope they not come back and haunt you.

        • Get your facts right FedupB. She means US military used it during the World War ll and before that it was used by spitfires on the airfield grass runways. It was bombed plenty too. It began in 1916 as a naval base before it’s poor commercial history with failure after failure.

          • My facts are correct. It was never owned by USA as quoted. It was never bombed thousands of times. We all know it’s history and should be quoted accurately. Does not take a lot to research to learn facts before spouting off!!

  12. It gets pretty boring having to continually counter SMAa and RSP gibberish with actual facts, so here’s a few links that were just a Google away for anyone with some remaining attachments to reality:

    On the current state of the cargo market and future outlook, (source is IATA – THE international body for aviation):

    “IATA has revealed that the airfreight market improved in May but a full recovery will take time…. Industry-wide demand, measured in cargo tonne km (CTKs) experienced a double-digit decline for the third consecutive month”.

    Wired Magazine – which is clearly very pro-innovation and tech – takes a very realistic look at the prospects of “green aviation” and “Jet Zero” – which it calls “both bad and pointless” – concluding “the only realistic hope for reducing aviation emissions in the medium term: flying less”.

    As for SMAa claims of this being the first “green airport”, there is nothing anywhere in its application to support this whatsoever – far from it, in fact. RSP doesn’t even have a budget line in its risible back-of-a-fag-packet budget for any carbon offsetting, which is the very least any airport might consider.

    And finally, do yourself a favour and take a look at the latest set of published accounts at Companies House for Riveroak Strategic Partners Ltd, Riveroak Manston Ltd, Riveroak Operations Ltd, Riveroak AL Ltd and Riveroak Fuels Ltd, which show fixed assets of less than £3.5m and a combined debt of £29,993,934 then tell me where that imaginary £300m is. Because they have never shown any evidence of that, even when asked multiple times by both TDC and the Planning Inspectorate.

    As for the imaginary jobs, as others have said already, to provide jobs and/or training you need to have a viable business and – ideally – money to pay your employees. If you don’t have either then this will go the way of Freudmann’s previous venture at Black Forest Airport Lahr – immediately before embarking on this latest wheeze – where the airport went bust less than a year after he got involved after employees had gone three months without pay.

    • And we paid him money to set up all this last time
      He is a known trouble maker in the fraud department and so dear SMA do you want your kids knowing a fraudster runs the airport

  13. Even an Opinion piece must be supported by evidence and facts.

    A quick google will tell you that –

    In today’s Loadstar
    “There have been mass redundancies in Aviation: Airbus announced this week it expected to lay off 15,000 workers; British Airways has said it will lay off 12,000; Swissport and Menzies have announced big cuts; and airports are slimming down.

    In fact, IATA estimated that, potentially, 25 million jobs globally could be lost across aviation and related sectors.

    Sources have told The Loadstar that at IAG Cargo, possibly one of the few remaining revenue-making departments for the airline group, staff have been told to reapply for their jobs – but that there will be fewer jobs to apply for.”

    What has been said about the environmental issues is outrageous. I cannot believe that this has been published. Putting the word “opinion” at the top does not take away some responsibility.

    • That’s a logistics hub for road + rail + sea freight + air cargo. Essentially, it’s a warehouse. Not an airport. It’s in Horsens, Denmark and 50km away from the nearest airport at Billund.

    • It’s called “Opinion: SMAa and KNMA Manston airport supporter groups – Decision day for the DCO”

      • You thought Gloag and souter were okay
        Running a business offshore leaks of 50 Lothian Square where was the money going…. Did you know souter was the manager of infratil.. No he too was offshore leaks that’s why they quit and sold it to offshore leaks Cartner n Musgrave backwards and forwards

        Are you nuts to allow criminals to run Manston off runway oops they have run over you all over the years.. SMA that’s baby milk

  14. “Manston has been an airport for 100 years.” Wrong for much of that time it was an airfield
    “It is zoned in the Local Plan for aviation use” again not entirely true It actually says in the upcoming plan that from the date of decision (10h July) the LP must review the “zoning”
    “and has been purchased by RiverOak for use as an airport – they cannot build houses on it” again not true there is nothing in the title deeds that stops them building houses.
    “and they don’t want to. RSP can see real potential in developing the airport, hence their long term commitment and investment in securing the DCO.” again wrong RSP can see a quick buck in having the land zoned for houses, the rest is huperbole to get support from the naive locals

    • “A re-built Manston Airport will be up and running and in prime position for when aviation returns to pre-Covid-19 levels by 2023/24 and can capitalise on the lack of dedicated cargo facilities at UK airports.” Did SMAa forget that there is already a dedicated Cargo hub at East Midlands and also dedicated cargo facilities at Heathrow which handles 2/3rds of all Aircargo arriving in the UK

      • “COVID has exposed the lack of resilience in UK aviation’s airfreight capability” seeing as how insignificant this market actually is (the tonnage is 1/2 of 1% of all freight which arrives in the UK annually)
        “with its reliance on cargo carried in the bellies of passenger aircraft. This has resulted in shortages of good and food” (goods) there has been zero shortages of goods the biggest affect of Covid has been the lack of shops open to by goods and the retail sectors reliance of JIT from central warehousing
        “– as passenger aircraft stayed on the ground, cargo could not be transport.” most goods are transported via truck of container vessels

    • Just wait until RSP/Helix/Whoever-the-actual-owners-really-are get wind of Boris’s “Build Build Build” planning reforms that say developers will no longer need planning consent for building houses on brownfield sites. Let’s see how quick they flip it.

    • I don’t think you understand.. Under the local planning policy and site use, they are not allowed to build houses as it clearly states ‘aviation use only’ – last time I checked houses don’t fall under aviation. The review is after the DCO’s decision is announced.

  15. No doubt Roger is getting changed into his cheer leading outfit as I write, ready to flash those unbiased pom poms at Craig ‘ooh I forgot I owned an airline’ Mackinlay. Meanwhile, Tony F has popped down to Wilko to see if they sell batteries big enough for his electric 747s as he’s desperate to land half a belly load of freeze dried fish for the national shortage.

    What a monstrous threat and incompetent nonsense Ramsgate has to suffer.

  16. Most of IOTN Opinion pieces have named authors just like David Green in the previous piece. Yet this one fails in naming names. Are the airport supporters so scared of being identified as the authors of the many lies posted in the piece.

  17. John, I think Fanstasy Island was a song by Bucks Fizz. If you ask Roger and Craig they’ll do a turn on the karaoke at the annual ‘no flights to be seen’ BBQ.

  18. TBH the biggest shortage during the peak of the covid outbreak was toilet rolls.bi doubt RSP would have made any profit importing big rolls ?

  19. Hi Jayne and Margaret who find all the anti comments hilarious. Well guess what I find all your comments hilarious on SMAA

  20. “With the weight/mass of electronic/electrical components being small, these items are ideally suited for air freight shipments” – in dedicated freighters?

    How many small electronic/electrical components does it take to fill a 747?

  21. The IoT News has been very reluctant to report about police inquiry, Drinking Water Inspectorate, Environment Agency, KCC contamination tests Pegwell, Maternity Tragedies expert inquiry, Stroke Unit judicial reviews, contamination of public water supplies, United Nations Stockholm Convention contaminated land remediation enforcement, TDC confession to National Planning of scale of unaddressed Manston site contamination.

    There is part of me wants to see RSP get the nod. Just so I see what happens next.

    I don’t think anywhere else in the world had an airfield with fireschool sitting 150 feet of porous chalk above main area public water supply aquifer. So difficult to get a comparison to gauge remediation cost. I suspect 300 million might meet remediation cost depending on how rigorous the enforcement.

  22. Well lets just fill manston airport site up with houses for the private sector its the best way to do it lets hope the roads around there gets upgraded

  23. Residents must be made aware of the dangerous threat to our health aircraft 24/7 every few minutes using a gallon of kerosene a second pumping particulates into the air we all breath these are 2.5 microns and 10 microns tiny particles that get into our lungs and blood stream causing disabilities and death, this is without the noise loss of sleep devaluation of properties interruption of school lessons. Get on the internet and see the evidence from qualified medical teams that have done countless studies for many years. We must not let this go forward but fight it if the time comes wake up Ramsgate save your town from these callus business men this includes Craig Mackinlay and Sir Roger Gale.

    • Sir Roger would probably agree with you. After all, he has gone on record to express his concerns for the health people living under the Heathrow flight path in west London.

  24. RSP’s plans, as depicted in the graphic above, seem to show a lake with some chalets standing behind, all backed by the Social Club, Tony’s Take-a-Way and the Bingo Hall.
    There is no sign of an aeroplane at all.
    Perhaps entirely appropriate, in the circumstances.

  25. Those that say that it was sold to Riveroak with a promise there will never be houses there are deluded, all parties including current and previous owners are in it together for the big housing pay-off !!

    The sale and ‘covenant’ are all part of a scam to make the airport fans think they are winning…… smoke and mirrors…..

  26. Why oh why! grant this what we need is investment in tourism, sort out the harbour. Let’s not have noisy old freight planes dumping toxic fuel & exhaust fumes over the beach & town of Ramsgate which will be the death of any tourism & us residents.

  27. The bit I really don’t get is why people want a dirty cargo plane landing at less than 700 feet and less than 300 feet by the time you get to Nethercourt directly over our town.
    Every 15 minutes at sound levels in excess of 100 decibels.

    Screaming over our town, right over our harbour and our schools and our gardens and our care homes. Spitting fuel and spewing pollutant particles.

    Why is this attractive?

    It ain’t 3 planes a week. It’s 7 planes an hour. All day. Every day.

    It ain’t passenger flights. It’s cargo.

    What is going on here? It is simply madness.

  28. no airport no Pfizer and how many other companies surely jobs for the future are more important than another 10 years arguing build build fly

  29. I don’t think Mr Freudmann and his chums really want an airport. Their intention from the beginning has been to get their hands on 100s of acres of prime development land in the South East.
    Now they’ve got it, I wonder what they’re going to do with it?

  30. Thanet has, for decades, been held back by a minority of people, some slum landlords who do not want their tenants to better themselves as they would lose them as tenants and find it difficult to replace them as their properties are in some instances not fit for purpose, due to lack of investment in the buildings.
    Some business men and women who see Thanet residents as cheap labour, they can manipulate and get rid of at the drop of a hat and replace with many more desperate people who want to work.
    Manston Airport and a successful DCO is a problem for these individuals, as it proposes good rates of pay and a chance to get out of the black hole they find themselves in and these individuals would wish to keep them in.
    A re-opened Manston Airport also gives Thanet residents families a bright future for their children to look forward to and have good jobs and careers rather than seasonal work at minimum wages for a few months of the year.
    There is also a minority of new residents who moved to Thanet as properties here are cheaper to buy up than in the rest of the southern part of the country, and I understand that when they purchased the properties they now live in, they did not have a fully functioning airport on their doorstep. but they must have known the chance the airport would re-open at some point, if it was not RiverOak then some other organisation would be looking at opening the site at Manston Airport due to its proximaty, so I have no sympathy for these people.
    Let’s all embrace this chance, opportunity, this Isle has never had, Thanet has never had a company wanting to invest millions of pounds in it, RiverOak are offering Thanet residents job opportunities only on offer, if they moved away from Thanet.
    There are also opportunities for all local authorities, with tax revenues they have never had, with associated companies moving in to Thanet to take up empty warehouse spaces that have sat empty all over Thanet for years, decades even, not providing any tax revenue or income for Thanet District Council and the smaller town councils that serve Manston.
    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of the residents of Thanet, lets for once not allow the few people stop this for their own self-interest.

    • Well said , the greater majority of Thanet people recognise the benefits and prosperity Manston will bring them , and it will not be many yesrs before alternative fueled and quiet aircraft will operate from it , we already have small electric aircraft and who knows where these will lead to in 10 years , and in the meantime the inhabitants of Thanet and East Kent will have been enjoying the prosperity it has brought them .

      • No one knows how many people support an airport at Manston.
        But, in a survey carried out some years ago by TDC apropos night flights, a majority didn’t want them.
        If you look at the Representations to PINS, a majority or respondents is against the airport.
        If you looked around Ramsgate, for example, you would see a score or so of No Night Flights posters in residents’ windows, and none in favour.
        But since the outcome of the DCO is not dependent on a democratic vote, it really doesn’t matter.
        Nor does the DCO depend on the existence or otherwise of electrically powered aircraft nor alternatively fueled aircraft.

  31. So anyone against a giant cargo hub is a slum landlord? The debate just sinks lower and lower doesn’t it.

    I think you’ll find Thanet had an airport opportunity numerous times over.

    And on each occasion it failed.

    Why would it succeed now? Post Covid? Cargo only? A handful of automation jobs?

    It is anti outsider sentiment dressed up in a tombola raffle of absurd insults and factual inaccuracies.

  32. I believe that if Boris Johnson has any say in it it won’t be granted and in his mind it will be in the Midlands somewhere nearer better road networking for countrywide distribution. He is wanting to help the Midlands and the North of England for the help that they gave him to be PM.

  33. Which one? ??

    With the dramatic disruption of passenger air travel from #COVID19, air cargo is now expected to earn a record ______ of total industry revenues in 2020. ??✈️

    A: 30%
    B: 25%
    C: 10%
    D: 15%


  34. Many planes came in late and were charged what happened to that money back in the pockets of all the councils.. Canterbury were sat at the meetings I read most of them. TDC council are a disgrace for allowing fraudsters to run our land

  35. so… you feature the opinions of two airport supporting groups, but don’t bother to speak to the many very well informed groups that do not support this proposal – great to see completely biased reporting is still alive and well in Thanet

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