Life of Birds exhibition due to open at Nice Things gallery in Ramsgate

life of Birds by artist Irina McGahan

The gallery at Nice Things in Harbour Street, Ramsgate is looking forward to a new exhibition showing work by Thanet artist Irina McGahan for the first time.

Recovering from lockdown, the exhibition Life Of Birds, is open from Friday (July 3) until Sunday (July 5).

Private viewings can be arranged outside opening hours.

Irina McGahan paints in oil on canvas and birds are a special interest for her. The idea of having wings and being able to fly, is something that fascinates and inspires Irina which is why she has loved making a group of paintings of crows. She sees character in each bird and portrays them in stunning colour and in black and white, always retaining that sense of excitement at the wonder of wings and flight.

The exhibition is open 10am – 3pm on Friday and Saturday and 12pm – 4pm on Sunday. For viewings outside those times please contact the gallery at [email protected] or 07939 542990.

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