Crews called to double car blaze in Ramsgate


Two cars were destroyed and another damaged by a fire in Ramsgate this morning (June 25).

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 2am to the two cars alight in Prices Avenue.

Two fire engines attended and crews wearing breathing apparatus used hose reel jets to extinguish the flames.

Both vehicles were destroyed by the fire, and radiated heat from the blaze caused damage to another car and the front of a nearby property.

No casualties were reported. The cause is not yet known.

Crews finished at the scene at 3.15am


  1. Is this the work of another psychotic pyromaniac arsonist – or has a previous miscreant been allowed back into society ?

  2. It could just be the heat we are in at the moment and petrol vapours igniting from a leak. Let’s hope not more maniacs in Ramsgate.

    • Yes, the police do care and no need to insult them either.
      It is the courts that let them out on bail, if indeed this is what has happened. We shall see.
      PS. My personal view is that it was no accident.

  3. It was no accident. This happened right next door to me, and was very scary indeed. Unrelated to the arson attacks previously, the teenager involved with those did not get bail. There is foul play here massively, big disturbance beforehand and arguing in the street. Not a random attack, a car was specifically targetted.

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