Prison for Ramsgate man who came face to face with victim in her 80s as he burgled her home

Peter Line was sentenced to a total of three years, 11 months and eight days in prison

A burglar, who came face-to-face with his elderly victim as he stole from her Ramsgate home, has been sentenced to almost four years in prison.

On May 6 a woman in her 80s realised her home had been burgled after she found Peter Line wandering around the property.

Line had managed to sneak into the Pysons Road property after the victim had left the back door open for her dogs to access the garden.

After the victim had found Line and sent him away, she discovered every drawer and cupboard door in the bedrooms had been opened and jewellery was missing.

Police were called and an investigation by the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad found CCTV footage which placed 44-year-old Line at the scene of the burglary.

He was arrested the same day and when officers searched his property in Argyll Drive, Ramsgate, they found a brooch and a bracelet which were some of the stolen items.

Line was charged with one count of burglary, which he admitted at Canterbury Crown Court, and on Monday, June 22 he was sentenced to a total of three years, 11 months and eight days in prison.

His custodial sentence included additional days after he breached a conditional discharge relating to an offence from 2019.

Senior investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Jay Robinson from the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad said: “Peter Line already has several convictions for burglary and was under a conditional discharge when he decided to steal again, so his sentence reflects the severity of his behaviour.

“It was a cowardly targeting of an elderly lady who must have been terrified to find a strange man in her home, stealing items which were at the very least of sentimental value to her. It was also carried out during a pandemic when it was crucially important to listen to government advice and Line’s offending could have put someone at extreme risk.

“As the weather warms up, while Line won’t be out to enjoy it, we would still like to remind people to keep doors and windows secured if you are leaving them unattended. Don’t give burglars any opportunity to steal.” 


  1. He resembles another man with similar name who was sentenced to 5 years in prison this January. Is this the same man with different first names, if so how was he out to burgle again if he got 5 years in January? If they are brothers they cannot be twins! I have not seen non twins look identical before. They take after each other then and are persistent offenders. Keep them off the streets and away from our old folk. Disgusting people.

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