Man taken to hospital after car crashes into wall in Margate

Police closed the road Photo Frank Leppard

A man has been taken to hospital following a crash in Margate today (June 24).

Kent Police was called at 12.30pm to a report a car had crashed into a wall in Addiscombe Road.

A resident said: “I heard a massive bang, a bit of smoke went up and then police  closed the road.”

Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the man was taken to hospital. His injuries are not understood to be life-threatening.

A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Ambulance crews attended the scene and one patient has been taken to William Harvey Hospital for further treatment.”

A road closure has been in place while emergency services deal with the incident.


  1. Why oh why does he have to go to William Harvey hospital, 35 miles and at least an hour away when the Ambulance goes past the grounds of the QEQM not 2 minutes away???
    This shows up what is now happening to our hospitals in East Kent , and not for the benefit of the public.
    A shameful situation that should not be happening to Thanet.
    I am appalled.

    • You are right Ton, absolutely disgusting, and shows just what NHS managers have achieved.

      Just no sense at all, and no doubt people will die, because of this arrangement

      • On the flipside there are a good number of payernity patients who in hindsight would much rather have been in the hands of another hospital.

    • The reason why the patient was taken to William Harvey is because that is the trauma centre fir south east Kent. QEQM will not accept patients who haven been immobilised as they do not have the facilities to deal with such patients. William Harvey have an excellent trauma centre and it is best for patients who haven’t been involved in RTC’s and have injuries to go there.

      • Yes, we understand that, what we are suggesting is the QEQM should have the equal facilities, not located miles away.

  2. This system must have been put in place as another excuse to close the A&E at Margate. The QEQM was a perfectly good hospital before these fat cats were brought in to waste money on turning everything upside down on it’s head. Why try and fix something that is not broken. Now patients have to suffer these grueling long journey’s on top of their injuries. It’s completely wrong. Things need to change back to having services in each of the necessary hospitals in each area, not this ferrying patients around the county all adding to the traffic and pollution. Get rid of the fat cats and save money.

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