Broadstairs Tesco confirms High Street relocation plan

Tesco has confirmed its High Street move

Tesco has confirmed that it will be moving to a new store in Broadstairs High Street.

The lease on the current premises is coming to an end and the supermarket will relocate to a new build that is taking place next door to Boots.

The new premises will be at 8-12 High Street, the former site of a café and Henry’s camera shop, which is being developed into the store and flats by Panther Securities PLC.

Permission has been granted by the council for a build on the site of a three-storey property with the supermarket on the ground floor plus three, 2-bed flats and nine one-bed flats.

In the short term, the existing store will not be affected by the development and will continue to trade as normal until it is time to relocate. Further details on timescales will be made public in due course.

A Tesco spokesperson said: We have entered in to an agreement to relocate our Tesco store on Broadstairs High Street to a new retail unit on the same street.

“While this unit is under construction our current store will continue to serve customers as usual and we will keep our colleagues and the community updated on our plans as they progress.”


      • Yes, but why try to increase trade with a better, modern store, then create problems with parking.

        Why not design parking into the development plan. If there was short term free parking for customers, this would help attract.

        Ever been to Iceland in Broadstairs?

          • Ha ha, what a good point. Poor lorry drivers, and poor drivers and pedestrians, while deliveries are made, blocking the road.

          • That’s what I was wondering as at the moment they go round the back. I use to be in The Prince Albert years and Superdrug got their deliveries on a Mon at around 6 am. Used to turn into Dundonald Road and reverse down, beeping all the way. Can’t see that happening now!!

      • Yes , but you’d need to explain that to the customers, the tesco metro in westbrook is a nightmare in termsmof inconsiderate/illegal parking, but the council won’t do anything choosing instead to duck behind the notion of going shopping being the same as loading and unloading whilst at the same time lacking the cojones to have no loading “pips” added to the existing “dubble yellas”, no doubt it’ll be a matter of great importance once the inevitable serious accident occurs.
        You also get the irony of those with blue badges parking in front of the tactile crossing point for the island.

        • Yes,you are quite right, on all your points.

          But it is a shame that parking cannot be included, or even made one of the defining terms, on the planning application.

    • Why can’t most local people walk,cycle or use buses? And lobby for better public transport? The private car has come close to destroying our town centres.

      • The answer to that is quite simple if you have the brains to think about it.

        The parent of an average family of four does the shopping for the whole family once a week.

        Six carrier bags of shopping are too heavy to carry when walking. Where on a bike are you gong to put six carrier bags of shopping ? Six carrier bags of shopping is still too much to lug to the nearest bus stop.

        • Not all parents shop only once a week. And not all children are too young to help their parents.

          You’re rather rude aren’t you?

          • The same as not all people are able bodied, and able to walk or cycle to the shop. Some people are totally reliant upon a vehicle.

      • “Only use public transport if you really have to” Our great leader 2020.

        Encouraging people to use public transport against health advice is foolish. Public transport for those that have to use it for at least a year. This isn’t over.

  1. The same as it now wherever you can! But let’s be thankful that we are not losing our main shop in Broadstairs!

  2. Current store has a huge loading bay, new location barely has rear access and fronts the narrowest part of the High St, deliveries will be fun.

  3. And on a lighter note…. that Tesco store in Broadstairs high street was originally officially opened by Jimmy Young back in the day.

  4. What worries me is the narrow pavement outside the new building , an accident waiting to happen when it opens !

  5. Where does one park a mobility scooter, leash a dog, park a bicycle on the narrow pavement outside the new Tesco Metro?

  6. If you are driving to Tesco’s – you would go to the big Tesco’s Extra at Westwood Cross, which is only 2 miles away. This High Street offshoot shop is targeted at local shoppers and passing tourist traffic.

    • So if you were passing tourist traffic, would you not need to stop and park?

      Perhaps I am missing something here, is it maybe a drive-thru store.

  7. There’s a carpark off the high street, a couple of minutes’ walk away, and another one opposite Holy Trinity church.

  8. Currently all deliveries are via the rear of the store, how are deliveries to be made in the proposed new store?
    As access to the rear is all but impossible, park outside and cause chaos!!!!

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