Crews called to cottage blaze in Birchington and community gardens fire in Margate

Emergency services at the scene Photo@ThanetPolice

Fire crews and police are currently at the scene of a blaze in Birchington.

Some seven fire engines responded to the property fire off Minnis Road this afternoon (June 20). The blaze is at a thatched roof cottage.

Fire crews were called at 3.08pm.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service is responding to a fire in a thatched property in Minnis Road, Birchington.

“Seven fire engines and a bulk water carrier are at the scene, and crews wearing breathing apparatus are tackling the blaze with main jets. There are currently no reported injuries and the cause is not yet known.”

Photo Manston Matthew

The road is closed from Ethelbert Road to Saint Mildred’s Avenue while crews deal with the incident. Police are directing traffic via a diversion.

UPDATE: The road has been reopened. Fire crews finished at the scene at 5.49pm. There are no reported injuries. The blaze is believed to have started due to an electrical fault.

Fire crews have also been called to the Windmill Community Gardens allotment in Margate.

Photo Toni Selfridge

Two residents in the area, off Dane Valley Road, managed to damp the area down with a hose at around 3.30pm while waiting for crews to arrive.

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  1. Just hope not arson in either incident, KFB have more than enough to do and as always help with rescues often going on over Thanet and beyond to get injured safely out of every imaginable predicament as well as assist entrapment of wildlife as well. My life was saved by firefighters who rescued me after a terrorist bombing in 1977 and enabled me to ultimately save several human and animal lives after over 2 years rehab but left with life changing injuries, but think every day how their bravery goes on daily without the fanfare I’d love to give them. You are a great family the World over, take care all of you x Thanks for accurate, fast reporting too Kathy.

    • Hey Doc, if you ever want any help, learning how to use punctuation, let me know. Perhaps one day, we can turn you in to a proper doc.

  2. Dr Sandra thank you for what you have been able to do and also praising the Fire brigade for their sometimes extraordinary heroism and all they ever say is we were just doing our job. Well they don’t just do their job as it has a great knock-on effect if it was not for them helping to save yourself you would not been around to help save the lives of others. Your life savings will inturn to have the same affect in due course. I agree I hope they are not arson but I fear the fire at the allotments will be as it goes in fits&starts there a few years ago there was several fires there all arson this year 1 arson already and now another fire not known its cause yet looking at the photo it is at the open main road side and im hopping it’s a bit of glass which started the fire time will tell. We’ll done the vigilant people who damped it down its probably saved someone a lot of money in lost tools and crops.

  3. There is a lot of broken bottles lying around that wont help as they magnify the suns rays and spontaneously ignition in the heat cause fires if the grass is dry.
    The road verges have been cut back recently by the council but they have not picked up all the litter that was hidden underneath so now there is a possibility of verge fires too.

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