Driver flees on foot after police pursuit ends in crash in Margate

The chase ended in a crash at Poets Corner

A police pursuit in Margate ended in a crash this morning (June 13).

At around 10.05am armed Kent Police officers attempted to stop a car in Addington Street, Margate. The driver did not stop and was chased by police  before being involved in a crash with another car at Poets Corner.

Witnesses say two cars were severely damaged in the collision.

The driver fled the scene on foot and enquiries to establish his whereabouts and identity are ongoing.

The armed officers were the team on the scene but were not specifically called in for the incident.


    • Once again Rebecca you have opened your mouth with no thought for what you say we like you have criminals same as every other town in the country. As was said was he going home to Cliftonville?? Was he going to disrupt the march?? We don’t know don’t accuse people who you have no idea who they are unless you do know him and trying to put a smoke screen up to confuse everyone.

  1. Rebecca hooper you shouldn’t say that about Ramsgate people there are more criminals in cliftonville west I went that way on Thursday on the bus to Broadstairs there was no sign of social distancing there you must know there is a gang culture there.

    • Can’t say as I’ve EVER had any problems when I’ve been in/passing through Cliftonville – no evidence of any ”gang” culture that I’ve seen,and as for Athelstan Rd. or Dalby Square being ”no go” areas – well,not for me,I walk along both regularly,day time and after dark,with no problems.

  2. Rebbeca Hooper, Simon and Brian Smith Stewart.
    Shame on you all, this twat stain on society could have easily killed someone evading the police and all you’re concerned about is which district has the most criminals!!

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