Notice of redundancy issued to Margate’s Genting Casino staff with closure consultation underway

Genting Casino Margate

Staff at Genting Casino in Margate have been notified of redundancy with consultation on closing the venue permanently now underway.

It is one of three casinos from the group that is under threat of closure with the two others in the south west, due to the impact on the coronavirus pandemic.

Workers are getting representation from the leisure and hospitality union, the GMB, in the South West and Southern Regional Organiser Frank Macklin said those in Margate who are union members can also expect support.

Staff at the casino were told the pandemic has had a ‘huge’ financial impact on the business which operates more than 30 sites in the UK.

The casinos were closed on March 23 in line with government guidance and the vast majority of the firm’s 4,000 staff were furloughed.

Staff have been notified via letter or phone call.

Mr Macklin said: “There is consultation with the staff at the moment. As the recognised trade union for Genting if we have members affected by this we will give them the full support they need at this time.

Margate representative on Kent County Council Cllr Barry Lewis said: “This is a major blow to the leisure industry in Thanet.  Being a member of the casino, I wish all the staff the best for the future.”

It is estimated the venue employs around 40 staff although this has not been confirmed by Genting Casino.

Genting Casino has been asked for a statement.


  1. Why would you get a statement from a Kent County Council councillor that has nothing to do with this? I’m surprised he didn’t try and plug his sham 20mph zones at this opportunity, requested apparently “by residents”.

    Why not get some views/statements from people that work at the establishment, live in this street or from local (not county) councillors?

    I don’t get the obsession from this paper for sleepy barry lewis.

    • He is a casino member. Staff are understandably not keen on speaking out while there is a consultation

  2. Why not Barry Lewis? He is entitled to speak up for the area of his ward and the people working in it. I have not heard him taking every opportunity to plug the 20mph zones either, only when the story is about them which is normal. I believe Barry has been one of the most outspoken KCC Cllrs and believes in road safety unlike many others so give him some credit. I do however know of a couple of MP’s that take every opportunity to plug their own friends private business plans onto their constituents in Thanet though!

  3. Chairperson of ARTRA – Athelstan Road Tenants & Residents’ Association – setting the record straight: ARTRA asked KCC Cllr. Barry Lewis for his support in getting Athelstan Road zoned as 20mph after two children were hospitalised with hip & shoulder injuries, after being hit by vehicles on Athelstan Road – it was the community who jointly approached both KCC Cllr. Barry Lewis & the national ’20’s Plenty’ speed campaign, given the long-standing history of speeding on the street.

    The community voted unanimously for a 20mph zone at an ARTRA monthly meeting on 17.06.19 & we are extremely grateful that the campaign to make our road safer for everyone is progressing so well, thanks in no small part to KCC Cllr. Barry Lewis being so proactive on our behalf.

    The year long ARTRA campaign is not a sham, in any respect.

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