Cliftonville community group launches new grocery voucher scheme

Voucher scheme

Community group, GRASS Cliftonville has launched a grocery voucher and food parcel scheme designed to help households struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

GRASS was awarded almost £22,000 in funding from the National Lottery Community Fund UK for the project, which has been developed to help those whose income has been impacted due to Coronavirus restrictions.,

Successful applicants to the GRASS scheme will receive a grocery voucher from Aldi to the value of £25 which can be used in any branch to buy essential goods. It can also be used online to arrange a delivery if attending the store is not possible. Vouchers will be given out on a weekly basis subject to ongoing need.

Applicants can apply via the GRASS website where they will be invited to complete a short eligibility questionnaire and application form.

Stephen Darrer, GRASS secretary, says they want to help those who have fallen through the net. He said:“We want to help the people who live in Cliftonville West who perhaps may find themselves out of work for the first time due to the pandemic.

“We have seen first-hand the strain placed on local foodbanks and we wanted to give people the opportunity to buy the groceries they require to meet their needs. We understand that the Coronavirus has affected a variety of people including those who have been made redundant, contract workers and the self-employed.

“Seasonal hospitality workers on furlough are taking a 20% cut to their wage which we know can be the difference between putting food on the table and going without.”

Food banks have been under strain

Helen Bushell, Head of Funding for the South and East of England at The National Lottery Community Fund, said: “It has been heartening to see how communities in the South East have been responding to the crisis. GRASS Cliftonville Voucher Scheme is just one of the many projects, from grassroots groups to larger charities, working tirelessly to support their community through these extremely difficult times.

“National Lottery players can be proud that the money they’ve raised is making a real difference at a time when it is most needed. We will carry on getting vital funding out to charities and voluntary sector organisations, so they can step up to overcome obstacles caused by the pandemic and help their community to rebuild and recover in the future.”


  1. This is a brilliant scheme which must have taken a lot of time and effort to deliver. I love the way there is an instant translation facility on the GRASS website too.

  2. People live on benefits in Cliftonville.
    I am not sure it’s spent wisely with many folk on unhealthy addictions. I’ve seen a whole street on benefit buying scratch cards then dumping them on the street.
    I think benefits should be food vouchers only not money to waste on gambling addiction.

  3. I know someone not here though who has 24 quid to live off a week.
    She was in tears yesterday
    She has mental health
    A lot of families round here are in need of learning how to budget. Benefit money should not be for gambling or any other addiction.

    I think shop voucher scheme to buy food and personal care should be part of benefits. I see residents from a few local roads buy 10 or more scratchcards at a time. Still paper tastes nice if that was meal money to provide for family or yourself.

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