One teen fined and one released following arrests in Margate seafront ‘disturbance’

Police at the scene

A 19-year-old woman from Margate has been issued with a £90 penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly in a public place following a large disturbance at the seafront on Saturday (May 30).

A 17-year old boy, also from Margate, arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker, has been released under investigation.

The arrests took place after a large police presence attended after a fight erupted amongst a group of people close to the steps off Marine Drive and The Parade.

A dispersal order was put in place to clear the area and deter further disturbance.


  1. There is no shame anymore, male or female, as this is how a lot of them are brought up by so-called adult parents. Alcohol and drugs influences are no way to bring your children up. What a waste of public services for a pitiful fine, it almost normalises this kind of atrocious behaviour

  2. No wonder people are no longer afraid of the law. Pathetic sentencing with zero deterrents and a criminal justice system that seems to care more about the freedoms and human rights of criminals than the victims of crime.

    Once again the police to their bit only to be undermined by the criminal justice system.

    • Hi concerned the fine she got was given out by the police themselves and not the courts / judiciary £90 penalty notices like all these types of penalty notices are issued by the police. Do you really think a drunk & disorderly will get to court not much chance as would cost more at least a fine a criminal record and probably next time if there is a next time she will be getting a bigger fine or go to court under the totting up system they seem to use not exactly sure how it works but there is one in operation.

  3. Oh dear!
    our prisons are full enough as it is, without this sort of minor criminality, adding to the numbers.
    I know this sort of behaviour is a complete pain,but the answer is not authoritarianism.
    If you had studied crime and the criminal justice system, you would consider the following points:
    1. just how do you deter anyone in an intoxicated state?
    2.Both of these miscreants will have a criminal record and when they apply for a job, what do you think will happen?
    So, banging people up is expensive, doesn’t work and puts the recipients on state welfare for decades, do you really think this is the solution?
    As for Human rights, perhaps if you lived in the PRC, Hong Kong or DPRK, you might think a little differently?
    If you are BAME person, living in the USA today, you might also like to rely on something like the human rights act.
    I think I would like to see fewer lock up em up comments and more support for the police,who are doing a difficult job, in trying times.

    • Yes – far better not to deter or sanction these people in any way whatsoever – more especially if they are intoxicated.

      Just let them get on with it – hopefully they will kill or injure each other – it is their decision to fight each other and it is their human rights to do so if they want to.

      This must apply to the group at Broadstairs last week and the group at Margate this week.

      I support the Police wholeheartedly and they should all be armed so they can shoot and kill anybody that attacks them.

      This will reduce the prison population and save the tax payer millions of pounds a year as well as slowly but surely reducing the numbers of mindless morons who continue to breed and perpetuate the problem.

      George and co. have not come up with the solution so hopefully I have helped them out.

      • Kathy Bailes: please will you remove the posting by “john”? It advocates the killing of people.

        • Hardly, to the average person his post is clearly a sarcastic reply to the complete lack of an alternative offered by liberal posters on this site. These mindless thugs will not grow out of it, they will simply breed more mindless young thugs, and with violence increasing in society, George, yoursel” Andrew “and Marva will simply still maintain doing nothing is appropriate. There are thousands and thousands of people in prison who are imprisoned because they breach community sentences. They do not work and are not appropriate for a majority of crimes.

          One complete idiot on this site even offered the most ridiculous liberal idea ever to stop criminals offending, their bright idea was to pay people not to commit crime, an utter garbage response from a idealistic liberal probably high on cannabis.

          As for arming the police, more police in this country should be armed. Criminals are more violent then ever before and the police deserve to be able to protect themselves and the rest of society. Why should armed criminals be able to take por shots at the police with the police unable to defend themselves.

          Typical liberal ideology, if you don’t like someone’s argument either accuse them of being racist or get their posts deleted.

          • Nobody is saying that”doing nothing is appropriate”. But people don’t have to offer alternatives- a criticism need not come in tandem with an alternative suggestion.

            I remember that suggestion about paying people not to commit crime -I thought he was being satirical.

        • Would,it be sensible to start with those that use weapons for illegal purposes first? Seems a bit daft to want todo away with inaminate objects yet not want to lock up for long periods those that use them. In addition doing away with legal firearms will do nothing to prevent a vast majority of firearm offences which use illegally held firearms.

    • Burying your head in the sand doesn’t work either George, neither does the the usual liberal voter Who is quick to shout down anyone who has an opinion that differs from theirs but then goes silent when asked how to back up their point of view. You could easily are that a lot of so called liberals are now the real bigots.

      Are you also implying that the human rights acts can justify the rioting; looting and indiscriminate violence that is now happening in America ? What happened to George Floyd is an obscene crime and the policeman in question will serve a justifiably long prison sentence for his crime but the scenes of pure destruction and pure violence that is happening every evening in America is not justified in any way shaped or form. There is nothing wrong with peaceful protests but these thugs who are terrorising their own neighbourhoods are not shooting at people, torching buildings and cars and looting shops in the name of George Floyd, they are criminals and need to be treated as such.

      The English human rights act of 2005 has only empowered the criminals in my opinion, that is of course if I am still allowed an opinion in this day and age, after all, liberals only listen to what they want to believe and anyone who disagrees is labelled as racist with far right tendencies. Again just my opinion.

      • Very true that Andrew , i was amoungst the 25% 50 year ago shoplifting i was 15 , and i learnt but in them days we had piss pots and really other scary stuff. i think nowdays one gets a tv in the cell internet access and a mobile phone , no bills to pay , nice and warm, free food etc

    • Yet to allow such behaviour with no sanctions at all means that the boundaries just get pushed further. If the only result is a crim8nal record and difficulty later in life finding a job , then perhaps they’ll raise their own kids better. But in reality they don’t give a monkeys.
      Much the same for the fracas outside the Benjamin Beale since, though don’t expect that one will get any airtime..

    • True.
      Do you suggest, then, that someone who commits a crime, no matter how minor (parks on yellow line, drops fag end) is banged up indefinitely?

      • Are you suggesting that littering , parking illegally and dropping fag butts are major crimes ? Now that’s a ridiculous thing to say and no one else has said that so please Stop inventing things as it just makes you look daft.

        Minor crimes like littering, Speeding, parking illegally etc should be dealt with by fines and if the offenders are persistent the fines increase substantially, people would soon learn to change their behaviour. It’s time councils employed more enforcement officers to deal with these crimes, they would soon pay for themselves with the extra fines handed out.Non payment would then lead to a custodial sentence.

        George Noakes earlier claimed that violent out of control drugged up and drunk people are just a pain. Obviously he has never been the victim of an assault, he would soon change his opinion if he was attacked by one of the all too many feral out of control thugs blighting society.

        Violent crime should Always result in a custodial sentence. Community sentencing for violent crimes doesn’t help the victims of crime, it only prolongs their already substantial pain and suffering.

        when so many of the population simply decides that the law doesn’t apply to them or that they no longer fear community sentences then sending these people to jail is a legitimate and correct decision to make.

        Tony Blair’s human rights act and his vision of community sentencing and ASBOS have made our streets less safe. The vast majority of incarcerated prisoners have already breached their lenient community sentences numerous occasions hence they have been incarcerated. Whenever the government does try to change to a more custodial based sentencing system the Labour Party and Liberal party object and fight the government at every turn. Desperate for voters both parties are the friend of the antisocial and prison population.

        Let’s not forget that 80 thousand prisoners means 80 thousand less people commuting crimes in our communities.

        Liberals always argue the personal cost of prison sentences, fair enough but the criminals choose a life a crime. Yes their families will suffer but most of the time the families of criminals know what they are up too so the sight of their criminal loved ones being escorted away in handcuffs should not come as a surprise. Liberals seem to have forgotten the real victims are the victims of crime not the bloody criminals committing the crimes.

        Being soft on crime and keeping lowlifes in our communities has only made for a more dangerous community. Youngsters know the police have got one hand tied behind their back because of the political correct police force we now have. Softly softly liberal based policing has empowered the feral youth.

        In the vast majority of cases Criminals only have themselves to blame for their actions and criminal behaviour so they must be accountable for their crimes. I for one have no sympathy for criminals behind bars because their victims deserve our support more.

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