Ramsgate duo charged with drug dealing offences

Image Kent Police

Two Ramsgate men have been charged with drug dealing offences.

Kent Police received a report that suspected criminal activity had been seen in Albion Place during the morning of Thursday, May 28. Officers stopped a car on the same day in the Clements Road area of the town. Wraps containing crack cocaine and heroin were seized by officers.

Jonathan Norman, 44 of Clements Road, and Robert Brown, 48, of Manston Road, have each been charged with two counts of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply.

They appeared at Medway Magistrates Court via virtual link on Friday (May 29) where Mr Norman was remanded in custody and Mr Brown was released on bail.

The case will next be heard at Canterbury Crown Court on June 29.


  1. let’s hope they receive a lengthy prison sentence. Drug dealers are a plague that needs eradicating.

  2. Scum like these needs locking away for a considerable time. They just bring dependency and misery to those they deal to, and nuisance to all those around them.

  3. Good news ,but for every two arrested there is probably ten more still vieing their evil trade.

  4. Keep arresting them and seizing their assets and drugs that really is the best they can unless they can get some of the money men of the streets. Along with the big find at Dover docks and the amount of arrested and prisoned since lock down it is a good result if we had more officers then we could get more sent to prison.

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