Ramsgate RNLI and Margate Coastguard called to duo on ski stuck on rocks at Stone Bay

The crews were called out last night Photo HM Coastguard Margate

Ramsgate RNLI and HM Coastguard Margate were called out to two people who had run their ski into rocks at Stone Bay yesterday (May 21).

The crews were tasked by UK Coastguard to aid the duo just after 9pm.

Once on scene the lifeboat crew assisted the people to get the craft back into the water and then towed it to the Jet Ski launch area by Ramsgate Tunnels.

The pair were helped to get the ski back onto their trailer and to their car. Safety advice was given.

Margate coastguard says it is  important that if you are going to take part in water based activities that you have:

• A basic understanding of your surroundings and how your equipment works.
• Have a means of contacting the emergency services should the worst happen.
• let someone know what time you expect to be back so they could contact the emergency services on your behalf if you are not back in time.

In a coastal emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard


  1. Idiots like this, are lucky that the Coastguard, and lifeboat service are available.

    No doubt, these two people will obviously making a generous donation, to RNLI for their gratefulness.

  2. What did this cost? I have long been an advocate of people who take up extreme sports, and this is, should also have insurance cover! In this case there were no injuries, but in any event why can’t the RNLI send them a Bill! Every year people go Horse riding, mountaineering, sky diving, base jumping, surfing, skiing, motor boating, make your own list, costing the NHS and Rescue services billions of pounds! Its time this country did the same as Germany and other countries, who make people who want to take up extreme, dangerous sports/activities, take out their own personal accident insurance! This would make most people at least get some sort of training for a recognised qualification in their sport, and recover the billions of mostly tax payers money, if they injure themselves or others, sometimes for life!

    • But we effectively do all make these contributions through tax ( yes charities are different) , if we went down your route then other lifestyle choices would also attract similar needs, ( alcohol, drugs, over eating etc).

      • It works in Germany where I used to live, and I believe some people even took out insurance as a Pedestrian! On many occasions I have nearly hit pedestrians when out on my bike, as people casually step into the road without looking! I usually shout, if I was a car you would be dead now, after them! But the point is if someone decides to take up an extreme sport without any training, or qualifications, why should the tax payer have to pay for them when they have an accident, or the costs of Emergency Services? In many cases their accident can lead to life time disabilities, and again why should the tax payer have to pay for their living expenses? No, National Insurance should have a clause saying this covers your basic life needs, anything other than this is not covered, so take out your own extreme sports insurance. If they don’t, and later they have an accident which isn’t covered, then they should be sent a Bill to recover the costs. This applies in many other cases, buildings insurance for instance, if the building isn’t insured against flooding for example, and it gets flooded, then its down to the house owner! You can’t drive a car, or motor cycle without insurance, so do the same for extreme sports!

  3. The jetski launch area is not by the entrance to Ramsgate Tunnels but at Winterstoke beach, and jetskis are not allowed to turn right towards Ramsgate. I assume this prohibition applies to kite-surfing also as this is even more dangerous to beach users and swimmers. Not that that stops some of them.

    Ramsgate needs a beach inspector, and lots of large signs which don’t beat about the bush. Every entrance to the beach, whether ramp or steps, should have notices making it clear what is or isn’t permissible on various parts of our local beaches.

  4. Yes – it sounds very much like the same brainless morons that got their cars stuck on Margate beach last week whilst they were playing with their jet skis.

    The RNLI and Coarguard should have left them out there all night to teach them a lesson. Clearly it is the only way they will learn as they do not have the intelligence not to get themselves into these problems in the first instance.

  5. The council Foreshore department seem to not exist.No signs, gates left open, ramps left ungated. Cars trailers left parked on promenades being a danger to others. Brainless idiots buying motor toys and not knowing how to behave in the sea.
    But hasn’t anyone noticed we have another danger on the streets this time? – People using e.scooters, bombing along all over the roads and pavements illegally too. It’s about time the police started impounding illegal vehicles in Thanet.

  6. There is a sign at the launching ramp at Winterstoke Chine. It says that jet skis should turn left towards Dumpton Gap, not right along the Main Beach.
    Unfortunately, it’s a very small sign, and the jet ski enthusiasts have difficulty reading it.
    Long it has been said that Ramsgate is the poor relation. Maybe that’s true.
    Broadstairs, Margate, other bays round the Foreland have a full time Beach Inspector, in a hut. Ramsgate doesn’t, but clearly needs one.

  7. A contribution was made directly to the coastguard in cash to be forwarded onto rnlbi on behalf of the two young men to say thank you…they had life jackets on and also did turn left that’s how they ended up at stone bay from Ramsgate…it was daylight when they left and ran into difficulties KNOWBODY called coastguard they kindly volunteerd their service which was greatly appreciated,,, and shared on Facebook

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