Ramsgate Arts Primary creates online worry button for its children

RAPs worry button

By Peter Barnett

In uncertain times like the current pandemic the level of worry facing children can leave them feeling insecure and frightened.

Ramsgate Arts Primary has introduced a special link on their school website to offer help and understanding to pupils and their families.

Pupils simply have to click on the ‘worried’ button on the home page tool bar. This takes them to a page where they can then click directly to contact the teaching staff and write down their concerns on an easy-to-read contact form.

Deputy Head of School Hanna Beech said: “All the communications will be dealt with quickly and seriously to help alleviate any fears and explain any concerns our children are experiencing.

“It is another level of support for them. We are sure that their families or carers are doing a fabulous job in this respect – having another avenue to explore and connect with our staff is just another way of letting them know that people are listening.

“For many of our children our school is a vital social link – not being at school for weeks on end can make them feel distanced and remote, although we have a comprehensive interactive education programme running to support their learning.

“The worry button is important for their wellbeing, and this something that we take extremely seriously.”

It is a logical extension of a successful in school initiative to help deal with their worries – each classroom has a Worry Box where they post their thoughts about things that may be concerning them; there is also a central Worry Box in the main corridor.

Other wellbeing initiatives include yoga classes and basic soothing massage technique sessions.

Head of School Nick Mr Budge added: “Our online information also offers children and parents/carers quick links to a variety of groups that can help with advice and support – they are not isolated, we are there for them.”