Pair arrested in Ramsgate and crack cocaine seized by officers

Crack cocaine was seized

Suspected crack cocaine was seized after Kent Police officers stopped a car in Ramsgate on Wednesday (May 13).

The Class A substance is reported to have been uncovered by a patrol from the Thanet Community Policing Team after they stopped a vehicle in Grange Road.

Alongside wraps of the suspected drug, cash and a number of mobile phones believed to be used for dealing drugs were seized.

A 21-year-old man from Margate was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in supplying drugs and a 22-year-old man from Ramsgate was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs as well as assaulting a police officer with intent to resist arrest.

Both were released under investigation pending further enquiries.


  1. Nice one but a shame we’re released so quickly I hope they checked there houses for more drugs or didn’t you get permission from above. Anyway you got some drugs of the streets. And hopefully the officer was not injured while being assaulted. It shows how much drugs are out there and not just cannabis by the amount of people who have been caught in possession, and premises raided recently. Nice work now you have to lock them away for some time.

  2. I know a drug dealer, who says his money has dropped 85% since lockdown.

    He is now having to seriously, consider actually getting a job.

  3. The police need to do regular checks of cars driving down Hereson Road Ramsgate, it’s like a drug dealers super highway. They should also be patrolling the alleys in that area as well because they are constantly being used by drug dealers. Ramsgate is blighted by drug dealers, drunk teenagers and feral kids and unfortunately it’s going going downhill fast.

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