Duo arrested for attempted theft from public phone in Cliftonville

Image Kent Police

Two people were arrested on Thursday (May 7) on suspicion of trying to steal cash from a public phone in Cliftonville.

Kent Police was called at around 5.25pm to a report that a man and woman were attempting to steal the money from a public telephone in Eastern Esplanade.

Officers attended and arrested two people at the scene.

Connor Malone, 27, and Stephanie Parker, 30, both of Appledore Close, Margate, have since been charged with attempted theft.

Mr Malone appeared before Medway magistrates today (May 9) and was remanded in custody until his next court appearance on Friday, May 15.

Ms Parker was released on bail after being charged and will make her first court appearance before Margate magistrates  on Thursday, June 11.


  1. With most people having their own mobiles I would not thing they would have found much in that box.

  2. Male is locked up and female released on bail both charged the same. Why do the judges always go lenient on the women? They both should be in custody whilst awaiting trial if we can say it is an equal society.

    • Always have wondered this. It happens far too often when it would appear that both are similarly culpable. Equal society?, seems not.

      • I think he was remanded in custody as he was already on bail for other crimes. Whilst I doubt this was her first offence, she has obviously got away with it so far.

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