Crews attend second fire by Sandwich nature reserve/bird sanctuary area

A second fire by the Sandwich reserve area Photo Kelly Davis

Fire crews were called back to the Sandwich reserve area this afternoon (May 9) and still remain at the scene.

KFRS was called at 2.21pm to a report of grass and undergrowth alight. At the height of the fire, four fire engines and an all-terrain vehicle attended.

Crews remain at the scene and are making steady progress. There are currently no reported injuries and the cause is not yet known.

UPDATE: Crews finished at the scene at 9.07pm.

It is the second fire at the site in less than 24 hours. Crews initially fought a fire by the mouth of the Sandwich estuary and the nature reserve/bird sanctuary last night (May 8).

Three fire engines and a specialist all terrain vehicle were at the scene. Ambulance crews also attended.

Emergency services used Princes Golf Club car park as a command centre.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service were called at 8:42pm to report of grass and undergrowth alight. They eventually left the scene at 11.06pm.

A witness at the scene said a 32-year-old Ramsgate man was found at the site suffering with a suspected broken leg and was taken to hospital. The witness, who drove the injured man’s friend back to Ramsgate, said: “He and his friend were on their way back from Sandwich and got lost.

Photo by Frazer Eldrige

“They could see the garage at Cliffsend and were trying to get back to that. He fell, broke his leg and then started sinking in the mud. His friend started the fire to try and keep him warm. It got out of hand.”

Wildlife Conservation in Thanet checked the area today (May 9) and said the burnt area is around 100m long. They added: “It is a restricted area, and part of a very important nature reserve. It is home to ancient dune pastures, invertebrates and nesting birds.

“Although the damage is not as bad as I thought, it will affect all the invertebrates and birds, including the nests.”


  1. I don’t buy there story getting lost in that open space I believe he has broken his leg which I am sorry to hear but I am suspicious why go that far?? My head says they were after some of the rare plants, butterfly, invertebrates, and birds eggs each of these a collector of one of types will pay a lot of money for a rare plant. Was it the same people both days!!! If it was you would like to think that once bitten twice shy. Broken leg yes sinking in the mud /sand yes rest of story no way.

  2. I was standing at my car in deal on the evening of the 8th when I looked up at the sky trying to see if it was a helicopter or plain heading over towards the sea I couldnt see which one it was as the noise pasted in distance something dropped out of the sky near the sea I heard a bang and said to my partner something weird is going on, the next day I read about a blaze at sandwich bay

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