Two boats in Margate harbour at risk of being seized – owners urged to contact council

Contact the harbour master if you are the boat owner Photo Frank Leppard

Two boats in Margate harbour are currently at risk of seizure unless owners get in touch with the council.

Vessels Ship Happens and Island Girl have been issued with notices and the owners are being urged to contact the harbour master.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “There are currently two vessels in Margate harbour which have been issued with section 41 notices for non payment of mooring fees. These notices will expire on May 14.

“Anyone who can substantiate ownership of the boats before  May 14 will be required to settle outstanding rent payments.

“Under normal circumstances, unclaimed boats would be sold by the council at auction. However, due to the pandemic this will not be possible.

“To request further information or register interest in either of the vessels, please contact the Margate Harbour Master by email: [email protected].”


  1. Have they been STOLEN? Assuming checked out but perhaps everyone else assumed it had been! Hope not Coronavirus victims! Will put word out to mariners who may know owners though.

  2. Surely they know who they belong to if mooring fees have stopped being paid. Maybe they are isolating or passed away. If they take fees they must have a record of ownership and addressess, phone numbers! If they are stolen they will be on a list of stolen vessels to look out for, check the boat names against the register.

  3. Nice to see TDC have their priorities right in these tough times. Dog poo bins overflowing all over Thanet and the streets covered in litter but let’s put our resources into sorting these boats out!

    • Well said mate i’d like to no were the “supposedly” 10 new road sweeper are haven’t seen any yet around dane velley

    • So by your rationale the harbour master should also be personally responsible for emptying dog poop bins?
      I’d step back from the keyboard and go back to the crayons if I were you!

  4. Was the harbour master mentioned I though they wrote TDC SHOULD HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO perhaps you would be better off getting the crayons out or reading what was written

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