Margate car blaze suspected to be arson

A car and fence were alight Photos Gary Taylor

A car fire in Margate last night is suspected to have been deliberate.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to a car alight in Taddy Gardens at 11.16pm.

One fire engine attended and crews wore breathing apparatus while using a hose reel jet to extinguish the flames. No casualties were reported.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service says it is believed the fire was started deliberately. Kent Police also attended.


  1. Well it can’t be the young person already in custody because he is in custody.
    Maybe their is a group of bored young people who think arson is funny or it could be an adult. I hear loads of adults out on the streets late at night. So much for kent police walking streets of a night. Think we need more police presence. Or we see Thanet go up in smoke like a JG amusement

    • Arson is very raw at the moment but it does occur weekly when tikes steal cars and scooters and burn them out after the joyride usually in an open space though.

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