Police investigate report of man robbed of clothes and trainers at knifepoint in Ramsgate

Emergency services

Police are investigating after a man was reportedly threatened at knifepoint before being robbed of his clothes and trainers.

The victim and another man, both understood to be homeless, were approached by the assailant near Boundary Park, Ramsgate, at 1.55am on Saturday (May 2).

One of the men managed to run off but the victim reportedly suffered cuts on his knuckles and shoulder.

He was rescued by a woman and her son after they heard his shouts for help as he ran along Avenue Road.

The woman said: “He ran up Avenue Road calling for help and was in just his boxers. My son heard him and ran to help.

“The young man was shivering and had blood running down his arm. My son scared the attacker off, he was still trying to chase the man.

“We put a dressing gown on him and he washed his wounds. We gave him some clothing and shoes.”

The woman said the man they saw chasing the victim was around 5ft 11 to 6ft with black hair, a hipster style beard, thick back rimmed glasses and was wearing a black coat and hood.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at around 1.55am to a report that two men were approached by another man while they walked in King Street, Ramsgate.

“One of the two men is then reported to have been threatened with a weapon before being robbed of items of clothing, including a pair of trainers. No serious injuries were reported and enquiries are ongoing.”

Anyone who has information that can help with the investigation is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/74540/20.

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or by using the anonymous online form at Crimestoppers-uk.org


  1. Unfortunately a lot of the people within the criminal justice system with liberal mindsets believe in giving people a second, third, fourth, fifth chance etc.

    A result of giving criminals so many chances is that many of them carry on repeat offending because they have no reason to fear community sentencing and as a result law abiding people are left to be preyed on by absolute scum who belong behind bars.

    The vast majority of people want to see criminals in their areas locked up but political correctness and liberal law makers only empower criminals.
    Ask the majority of the police and they will tell you that they are continually arresting the same people. Liberal judges consistently fail to imprison criminals meaning the offenders have no reason to fear the law.

    Until criminals start fearing the repercussions of their crimes they will continue to make hell for the rest of us and the police will carry on arresting the perps only to see them back on the streets the following day.

    • Prisons are full.
      This pandemic will increase crime rate
      It already has
      We don’t know what happened
      Prison is not always the case
      Do we lock up Thanet Council for committing crimes… We should

    • The “absolute scum who belong behind bars.”, once let out, usually offend again. Something like 75%.
      Banging the “absolute scum” up doesn’t seem to be working.

      • I feel safer in the knowledge that when these thugs are locked up they are not reoffending. Every offender locked up is one less thug criminal raping, robbing, attacking etc

        Ask any prison officer or policeman and they will tell you that before an offender gets incarcerated they will usually have been sentenced to community sentences numerous times. That’s ample opportunity to change their behaviour but they choose not to.

        You can take the high road and preach the liberal ideology of the benefits of keeping criminals in the community but the vast majority of innocent people want them locked up where they can do no harm to the rest of society.

        The liberal method of Keeping offenders in the community clearly isn’t working

        • You seem to have overlooked the fact that nowhere, at any time, did I mention keeping offenders in the community. You’re making it up.
          It might well be true that the “vast majority” etc, but it’s also true that prison, as a reforming institution, doesn’t work.
          The sentence handed down to criminals is determined by the Law of the Land. Look to Government to see why sentencing is the way it is. Those ideological, liberal tories, eh?

  2. Bearing in mind that pubs, clubs and restaurants are all closed – what are these people doing out “walking” at 2 o’clock in the morning ?

    I know that we are “allowed out” for exercise but that seems to be a funny time to be exercising . . .

    • A lot of other countries have had lockdown meaning lockdown.
      Malta only just going back to going out at certain times.
      I had raging toothache last night and people were using the cut through at 2am. Male voices…

  3. I think you will it was the last Labour government that introduced the human rights act that pretty much changed sentencing in England for ever. It was Labour that advocated for softer sentences and community sentencing and it’s the Labour Party and the Liberal party that still even now stops the Tories from deviating too far from Tony Blair’s human rights legacy/disaster.

    There is prisoner reform and then there is also supposed to be the punishment for crimes, something the left and liberals fail to understand.

    Judges are supposed to be following sentencing guidelines but I think you will find that the vast majority of judges are privileged and liberal leaning and often detached from reality of mainstream England. You only have to look at the ridiculous sentences they hand down usually erring on the side of leniency,

    The Tony Blair championed human rights act changed everything and it’s legacy is now soft sentencing and community orders that offenders simply choose to ignore.

    You can continue to ride your high horse but perhaps one day if you are a victim of violent crime you might not believe in pushover sentences for CRIMINALS. Perhaps you could also speak to some actual police officers who are sick and tired of arresting the same criminals time after time, it might enlighten you.

    The welfare of criminals should never come close to the well-being of the law abiding majority.

  4. The human rights act was designed to put into every aspect of the law and administration in the UK, the precepts of the European Convention On Human Rights.After WW2, many felt that unless concerted action was taken,there could be a repeat of the criminality engendered by police and authoritarian states in the interwar years, and to a wide extent,during the war.These states, and it was not only the Nazis and Soviets, perverted the law and constitutions of their states to their own despicable ends, and in the process killed 25m people.
    We can see similar pale imitations in Poland,Hungary,Turkey and most of all Syria.
    Among the supporters of the ECHR was Winston Churchill and Konrad Adenauer (I don’t think these were bleeding heart liberals).
    The law is dispensed by an independent judiciary, using due process; nothing to do with Tony Blair or any other Aunt Sally’s, that the ‘raging toothaches’ of the right put up to be knocked down.
    If you want to bang up all those you don’t like,fear or loathe, by suspending habeas corpus, then expect to see death squads,concentration camps and all the other evil paraphernalia of oppression in operation.
    In society there will always be a criminal element and we should deal with them firmly and swiftly.Jail does not work,but significant and effective community pay back,restitution, and curfew will hurt the anti -social more than a few months inside.
    People who say they are the mainstream are often of the extreme, and most of us have been victims of crime at one time or another.As for criminality, how about the numerous examples of corporate criminality, that go unpunished? Look at what is happening over Grenfell Tower, where companies and individuals are setting out terms before giving evidence, so they do not face criminal sanctions.
    I agree that the ratbags of society need sorting out, but I also know that these same crime fighting ‘experts’, jump up and down when made to comply with lock down by the police, because they are upright citizens and therefore ‘special’.
    I stand for fairness, justice and the upholding of human rights, even if it means the anti -social are not automatically banged up, with out sometimes long winded due process.I am not saying the sytem is perfect, but the alternative is too awful to contemplate.

  5. Why would someone want to rob a homeless man of his clothes then chase him down the street with a knife? There must have been more to it than just that. We are not told the full details by the police.
    Thanet homeless are all being put up in hotels during the covid-19 pandemic in any case so why were people out at that time of night? What were they doing as nothing is open?

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