Special lime tree delivery for Priory Infant School

Kevin and Peter plant the new tree at Priory infants

There was quite a commotion at Priory Infant School in Ramsgate on Monday morning, when a truck pulled up at the school gate with a special delivery.

As the children, who were in school, came out of their classroom to take a look, a beautiful lime tree was unloaded by Peter Hasted from the Isle of Thanet Trees and Wood Initiative.

Class teacher Sally Halford said: “It was such a lovely surprise for the children and they had plenty of time to ask Peter questions and examine the tree close-up before it was planted.

Young children love working with nature and it’s so important for them – not only for their individual well-being but to develop their understanding of how crucial it is to look after our planet for future generations.”

Kevin Pressland, Thanet council’s tree officer, who arranged the planting, said: “This is a beautiful tree. The leaves turn a remarkable yellow colour in the autumn and highly-scented flowers appear in the early summer. It’s a great addition to the school playground.

New head teacher, Tracey Sandy added “We are delighted and grateful to have received this beautiful lime tree. I know the children, staff and local community will enjoy watching it grow and develop throughout the coming seasons.”