Police called after queue at KFC blocks Westwood Road for other motorists

Congestion Photo Ian Lockyer

Police officers were called to Westwood Road yesterday (April 29) after a complaint that the road was blocked where a huge queue to KFC had formed, blocking other drivers in the lead up to the roundabout.

Vehicles, understood to include delivery drivers, were stretched from the fast food outlet into the Westwood Road with the access from the roundabout becoming blocked by one vehicle, causing congestion for other drivers on the road.

A small number of KFC’s have been reopened with a limited menu for delivery only.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 5.30pm on Wednesday, April 29 to a report that a car was blocking an approach road to a fast food outlet in Westwood Road, Broadstairs, causing traffic congestion in the area.

“The car left the scene before an officer arrived and enquiries are being made into the circumstances surrounding the incident.”