Public invited to submit questions for government’s daily coronavirus briefings


Members of the public are being invited to submit a question to be answered at the daily government briefing.

One question will be chosen by an independent polling organisation to be answered during the afternoon coronavirus (COVID-19) press conference.

Anyone over 18 can use the service to submit a question. The chosen question will be answered by a cabinet minister during the live broadcast.

Questions are reviewed at midday on the day of the press conference. Only one question will be selected each day.

Ministers will not see the question before the press conference.

The person with the successful question will be contacted by 3pm on the day of the press conference.

They will be asked if they want to record a short video asking the question to be shown during the live broadcast or if they would like the question read out for them at the press conference.

Find out how to submit your question here


  1. That is good but I noticed a representativefo cliftonville for many years cliftonville has had lots of money thrown at them but no difference I hope the board will favour all the wards in Margate central Margate needs help and other areas this is about jobs housing and other projects not just for one area.

  2. to be blatant here Kathy x
    they do not even answer the media questions correctly
    think I will pass on this novel coronavirus 2012 changed its name to MERS it is all over the internet
    I thought that we did not ever have a novel coronavirus until last year or this year? Then they changed it to COVID 19

    My question would be ‘When are you going to tell us that you are rolling out 5G Radiation Poisoning’

    • Rebecca, you are spreading dangerous conspiracy theories about 5G.
      Editor, Kathy you should remove these comments.

    • You are promoting a very dangerous conspiracy theory. Covid 19 is the name of the disease Corona virus disease 2019, SARS CoV 2 is the name of the virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2

  3. This is a good idea, letting the public put direct questions rather than have the Press ask questions when our Press may not be very alert to politician’s deceit. (I mean , when will they stop publishing just the number of UK deaths in hospitals and then comparing to countries that include ALL deaths including in Care Homes as well as communities? This then obscures the fact the the UK is second only to the USA for the scale of the tragedy).
    I think it was Jeremy Corbyn who started the idea by asking the public to submit questions to him for Prime Minister’s Question Time.

    The problem will come when we realise that Johnson and Co. will just choose the questions that they will find it easy to answer or the ones where they can boast of their enormous success in something or other.

  4. The PM does not look well to me. Not what I would call the ‘bounce back kid’full of energy and vim.Ah! that might be it? he’s followed his old mate D.Trump’s advice, and swallowed a tin of vim!
    This independent polling company; its not one of Cumming’s allies is it?
    I am not even sure about the science any more since I found out they were playing old harry with the data and Cummings is sitting in on science meetings.

    Rebecca, the planet is a giant dynamo, producing a magnetic force field. Its what saves our atmosphere from being stripped away by the solar wind and produces the Northern and Southern lights. Planets like Mars, do not have this force in any strength and therefore have little or no atmosphere, so EMF’s are not all bad.
    I worked in close proximity to generating equipment for years and while it caused my deafness, for all the EMF generated at very close proximity (far more than a 5G mast), it did not cause any other side effects.

    • But you haven’t worked in close proximity to 5G which are microwave and millimeter waves. With the cell antennas every 100 – 200 meters needed to get a signal loads of people are going to be exposed to radiation that will be dangerous to the human body when you see these antenna towers going up all over the place and at the end of every street so Rebecca is right to say radiation poisoning. Being apethetic to what the government does is not a good thing. We need activists to get things done. Sitting back and saying it doesn’t harm me is what allows them to get away with anything that destroys the planet but keeps them well off.

      • Why do people feel the need to concoct these theories which cause them unnecessary anxiety? Isn’t being in the middle of a pandemic enough?

      • The 5g antenna are closer together because the 5g radio signals are weaker than 4g. People will be exposed to no more radiation than they are now.
        We’re drenched with radiation, most of it natural, much of it from the Sun. If you’re really worried, you need to build yourself a Farady Cage – a room constructed of the same sort of mesh you see in microwave ovens.
        But even that won’t stop the pesky neutrinos.

  5. I have asked “do you think it acceptable my local supermarket is sanitising the handles of shopping baskets, but not the handles of Shopping trolley’s, and if not what are you going to about it?” When asked, one of the staff said its because of lack of staff? If this is happening nationally, the virus is being transferred by bare hands, one to another, probably in a matter of minutes, when someone returns a trolley, and for another customer to re-use it with bare hand, as I have witnessed!

    • That’s why it’s crucially important that you avoid touching your face, and you avoid touching anything you absolutely don’t need to touch. Don’t pick stuff up in the supermarket then put it back.
      When you get home, wash your hands thoroughly (warm water and soap will do the trick). Wipe your gate latch, front door knob etc with dilute bleach or similar. Then wash your hands again.

      • For a lot of people with intolerances and allergies they actually need to pick items up to see the all important ingredients on the packets that are always in the small print on side or back of packet!

        • Unless you’ve suddenly become intolerant or allergic, then you know quite well which products you can and can’t safely purchase.
          The unnecessary handling of packets and tins in a supermarket can spread the virus.

  6. Considering we have been on lockdown now for 7 weeks, we are still averaging 4000 cases with Coron 19.
    Please tell us where these people are coming from daily, are they NHS workers, or general public who have not maintained the lockdown.

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