Man arrested in Margate on suspicion of stealing food

Police were called to reports that a man was being aggressive Photo Roy Foord

A man has been arrested in Margate after police responded to complaints that he was being aggressive towards members of the public.

Officers who arrived on the scene in Station Road yesterday (April 18) then discovered the man was in possession of stolen food.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at about 7.05pm on Saturday, April 18 to a report of a man acting aggressively towards other members of the public near Margate railway station.

“Officers attended and located the man, who was found to be in possession of a quantity of stolen food. The 36-year-old was arrested on suspicion of theft and remains in custody pending further enquiries.”


  1. This Isle is a joke.
    And nothing much is done to prevent this
    Yes, it happens but councillors and police need to stop this and have a zero tolerance

    • I think we already have a version of “zero tolerance” here. After all,members of the public refused to tolerate alleged aggressive behaviour and called the Police. The Police responded and, from this account, they also refused to tolerate the alleged behaviour and arrested somebody.
      He may well go to custody and be dealt with eventually by the Courts.
      One problem with the perfectly good theory of “zero tolerance” is that it requires much higher numbers of Police to be available to respond to public reports and space in prisons or Courts to deal with all the arrests they make.
      But, coronavirus or not, we have nowhere near the number of Police, Court times , prison spaces etc that would be needed if the public were to become so confident that matters would be promptly responded to.
      All these things have been starved of cash for over ten years . So the public don’t bother to call the Police as they know they won’t come. The Police know that the prisons are almost full and the word has gone out to Courts to think again if they had thought that prison might be a sentencing option.
      Nothing to do with local Councils. It is all run from central government in London.

  2. The Two most important things in our lives…our Health and our Safety…..”What a Sad state of affairs we are in at these times “

  3. What are you suggesting, surely nothing to do with having a Conservative government for the last 10 years! Just wait until this coronavirus is over, who do you think will be paying for this… won’t be the millionaires, banks or anyone connected to the Tories.Still you did vote them in with a greater majority! Reap what you sow! We’re stuffed!

  4. This is Tory Britain. Useless idiots walking the streets of Margate whilst Tory farmers ship in fruit pickers.

    We are miles behind our EU counterparts with Covid 19. People dying whilst Johnson was busy with a photoshoot of a chinese dragon.

    The British people need to seriously look at what they voted for. They took no notice of his past. Wherever he has been he has left it in a mess.

  5. I see the Left is out in force,blaming everything on the Conservative Party,politicizing (as ever) everything and anything – but,didn’t get you an election win,did it?As for the police – far too busy harassing people with the powers they think they’ve got under the lockdown laws to be bothered with real crime and real criminals.They’d rather ”make something up” and arrest an ordinary person than deal with real criminals.

    • What a libellous un-truth about the way our police operate. Under funded, under staffed they certainly are with respect shown for them at an all time low.
      Either prove your allegations or stop your blatant lie telling, Dr, (of what?)

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