Police raid carried out at Ramsgate property

Image Kent Police

Police have carried out a raid at a property in Ramsgate.

Officers carried out the warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act in Margate Road this morning,

Officers remain at the scene.

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  1. Yes I agree where ever you go the stink of weed is rife, I live in a block of four flats the stairwell stinks of weed and quite often my bedroom, the person even deals , I’m beside myself as I don’t know what to do???

    • Nothing you can do, TDC/EKH ( not that i’m assuming you live in a council block) won’t do anything in similar circumstances in their properties, they say they can’t prove who’s using it and that they have no powers to enter a property to gain evidence. Use of drugs is a breach of the tenancy but nothing will ever happen unless its an extreme case of antisocial behaviour ( ie dealing, violence, property used to take drugs by numerous unconnected individuals).
      For same reasons private landlords do very little either.

  2. Well, a large part of the main towns are infested with drugs and weed is everywhere whether we smell it or not. There is dealing on the streets. Don’t be so naive to think not.
    There is much work to be done everywhere to cut weed and drug misuse.

    • Won’t happen, addington street/st.johns road area has been a nightmare for years, tdc place junkies in the area through paramount property services, view is everyone has to live somewhere, police do what they can to disrupt the gangs/dealers but the cps don’t prosecute often and if they do there is no real appetite in the criminal justice system to make any real attempts at rehabilitation. So just get used to it.

  3. They should be brought to justice but usually as with most crimes THANET seem so apathetic and criminals may well scare any potential witnesses into failing to report these illegal actions otherwise the criminals take over and from comments given, I thank God not to live in areas like theirs. What are the law abiding tenants doing to get it resolved that’s WHAT KENT POLICE ARE EMPLOYED ARE WAGES FAR IN EXCESS OF OUR NHS NURSES, PROBABLY EVEN JUNIOR DOCTORS DUE TO ALL THE EXTRAS AND OVERTIME POLICE PUT IN FOR!

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