Coastguard, RNLI and police undertake missing woman search in Broadstairs

Coastguard helicopter Photo Jamie Horton

Coastguard, Ramsgate RNLI and police were involved in a search for a missing woman around the water edge in Broadstairs, during the early hours of this morning (April 14).

HM Coastguard Margate were tasked by UK Coastguard to assist Kent Police in the search at 1.54am.

The Ramsgate inshore and all-weather lifeboats were then launched at 2.30am. Both boats carried out a thorough search of the area along the coast line between Broadstairs and Joss Bay, along with Mobile Coastguard units shoreside.

A white parachute flare was fired to illuminate the area during the operation.

After searching for around 90 minutes a report came in that the missing woman was safely ashore although they were extremely cold.

Once this had been confirmed by the police, both boats were released and returned to station.

The person was taken to hospital to make a full recovery.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was contacted at 11.45pm on Monday, April 13 and a woman was reported missing in Broadstairs.

“Officers carried out a search for the woman, assisted by the coastguard and the RNLI, and she was later located.”


      • Sorry, if we’re expected to accept the elderly and infirm are to remain untreated if they catch CV, (there are no doubt many who have elderly parents/relatives who are petrified that they have no chance if they catch it and won’t even have the chance to fight t with medical assistance) why does another issue deserve the resources let alone the risk to others it incurs?
        Once the social contract is broken , picking and choosing becomes very subjective, when it comes to who gets what. Current situation is hardly going to endear anyone one to the state as they get older in the future.

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