Part of Boundary Road closed off following road incident

The road is currently blocked off

Emergency services have closed off part of a road in Ramsgate following a crash.

The top end of Boundary Road at the junction with Chatham Street, up to Chatham Place, is currently not accessible following the  collision, involving a car and a pedestrian by the traffic lights.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at around 5.45pm to a collision involving a car and a pedestrian on Boundary Road, Ramsgate. Officers and South East Coast Ambulance Service attended the scene where the pedestrian was treated for injuries. He was taken to a local hospital for further medical attention.”


  1. Not surprised by the speed that some driver’s are going now the roads are quieter. Have seen many drivers in Ramsgate not giving way, jumping red lights and driving well over the speed limit.

  2. It’s the same bad driving and red light jumping over Margate way. I saw 4 cars one after the other overtaking cars waiting then jumping a red light last week which is very dangerous when they couldn’t see what was coming out the side road on green. The police can’t be everywhere, these idiots need to stop and think why they are driving like that then take responsibility for themselves and the innocent people they put at danger.

  3. People seem to jump the lights at Boundary road and Victoria road traffic lights All The Time !! And with less traffic many drivers are acting as though there are no other cars on the roads !

  4. ‘Kent Resident’ shocking statement, witnessed accidental and provided first aid to both pedestrian and driver, accident was not through poor driving and women driver was emotionally distraught.
    You should be very disappointed with yourself!

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