Bin collections on normal service over bank holiday weekend

Cllr Steve Albon has thanked waste collection staff

Waste collections will continue on a normal schedule over the Easter bank holiday despite services being stretched.

But Thanet council is asking people to try and minimise waste to reduce disruptions.

Cllr Steve Albon, Cabinet Member for Operational Services, said: ““I would like to thank all of our front-line waste and cleansing staff, who are working even harder than usual to continue to deliver our key services at this time.

“To help them, we ask that you try to minimise the amount of waste your household produces and show patience and understanding if your collections are disrupted. Given that services are stretched at the moment, the Government advice is that this is not a suitable time for clear outs or the transporting of waste to recycling centres.”

Thanet council says to help maintain a normal service, please:

➡️ Put bins out by 6am for collection (no side waste will be taken)

➡️ Park sensibly and keep routes to bins clear

➡️ Recycle as much as possible

➡️ Remember that food waste is being collected separately

➡️ Store tissues securely in two bags and keep separate from other waste for 72 hours before adding it to your bin if you are self-isolating

The authority thanks resident for the continued messages of support to waste crews and will be publishing a #ThankHoliday message tomorrow at 9am.

Keep checking for the most up to date information.


  1. Thank you for this very useful information. We greatly appreciation the hard work and great care taken by all those dealing with our waste and their humour and attitude
    over this trying period
    All in Thanet should comply with the vital instructions over safe disposal of tissues as they will help to save LIVES!

  2. Once again the bin men did not empty euro bins at the side of block 4 Union row Margate this is the second week this bin has not been emptied the bin is overflowing not the fault of our residents they are supposed to pick up black sacks from the ground this was reported to TDC nothing happened the men emptied the 3 bins at the side of block 8 there is 26 flats in this part of Union row many residents are elderly two of the bins at the side of 4 are locked these bins none of us have keys to bins or the bin sheds the men do they may do a great job in houses but not where flats are.this is a regular occurrence we all pay council tax are expecting a service we have a weekly collection.

  3. Bin collection as normal over the Easter weekend, that’s a joke, come and see where I live in a block of 4 flats, no one has emptied our communal wheelie bin for nearly 2mths, it’s a total disgrace on thanet council and this is not the 1st time, I live in central ramsgate.

  4. I have now made 2 phone calls to thanet council and they have said we will put it down as urgent but still nothing has happened

  5. I live in a block of flats
    The bins are emptied every two weeks
    Ours have not been emptied for 3 weeks now
    This has been reported still waiting to be emptied
    They are full to the brim will have to
    Start leaving bags outside of the bins
    The seagulls will have a great time
    This has been reported still waiting to be emptied

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